In God's Hands

Location Sasau (Monastery)
Reward ??
Previous Quest None
Next Quest ??

In God's Hands is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I met Johanka at the monastery, and it looks like she's having trouble...



Important NPCs and Characters



In God's Hands Objectives

  1. Help with healing the sick in the monastery.
  2. Find something to help the insomniac fall asleep.
  3. Find out what happened to Philip
  4. Help the man with the broken leg
  5. Get bandages for Hans
  6. Get healing herbs for Semek



In God's Hands Walkthrough

After speaking with Johanka you can look and speak with the injured to assess what needs doing. There are several people you must help. After assessing speak with Johanka again then do the following.





Tips & Tricks

  • This quest is given by Johanka in Sasau monastery.
  • Having First Aid IFirst Aid II and First Aid III perks here help.



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    • I'm so annoyed by all the guides here. They are subpar and forget the most important part of this quest and house of god in Sasau: THEY ARE TIME SENSITIVE. You will lose the patients if you do not complete their parts of the quest in 5 -7 days. I lost Phillip and the man with the broken leg since I was also trying to complete other quests such as house of god and At your Service, my Lady. I also didn't get the full reward for House of God since after you find the skull you have to talk to all parties within a day.

      • Anonymous

        You guys commenting realize that Plague Dr achievement is tied to the "Pestilence" Side quest and not this one? The sick in Merhojed, NOT Sasau which is where this quest takes place...

        • Anonymous

          got done with the quest 100%. Completed it and I get the message the guy with the broken leg dies...... Went through the cut scene had medic 2 set teh ucken leg but it did not count. GG

          • Anonymous

            A 17 speech can pass the fest speech check. just get a potion of the bard for this one. However nothing really changes by passing it

            • Anonymous

              I believe that after doing 5 out of the 8 things in the quest it trigger the speech check with the custodian who has a 14 in speech. Also once started you have a timer before one of them dies and you fail.

              • Anonymous

                I've finished everything except the optional part of finding out how to get better conditions for the wounded. I see that I'm suppose to talk to the custodian, but I can't get into his house and I don't know where he is.

                • Anonymous

                  something should be said about the dialog with the custodian. because he just locked me up when I failed a speech check on him lol

                  • Anonymous

                    I did everything,even getting supplies from the custodians and bring meat but i didnt get the achievement : Plague Doctor
                    Heal all the sick in Merhojed.


                    • Anonymous

                      The quest is bugged when I have to find Father Simon. I get there and there's a villager with which I can't interact. Only pickpocket, knock out or kill. When I kill him nothing happens. The marker still points at him.

                      • Anonymous

                        The quest is bugged. I checked out all the patients but forgot to heal the man with the broken leg (I have the perk). As I was riding through Merhojed a couple days later I failed the quest to find Simon; when I got back the poisoned man had died and the broken legged man was nowhere to be seen (though his quest marker was still on his bed).

                        Now I can't interact with the sleeping potion man. I was however able to bandage the one guy before losing the Simon quest, and still able to give purple flowers to the pain sufferer.

                        • Anonymous

                          I almost finished the quest.
                          It tells me to talk Johanka, but there is no quest marker on the map and she isn't in monastery.

                          • Anonymous

                            This quest was glitched for me, philip and hans weren't there and as i healed the insomniac and semek the quest instantly fails.

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