Easing the Pain is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Easing the Pain

Quest Type Main Quest
Quest Giver ??
Location Kolben Estate

Easing the Pain Information

"There is a wounded soldier on the burned farm near Merhojed. He is in great pain and I should try to find someone who can help him."


  1. Find someone who knows about herbs and healing.
  2. Send the herb woman to the wounded soldier.
  3. Ensure that the herb woman gets to the wounded Miroslav.
  4. Find out from Martin how Miroslav is doing.


  • ??




Speak with the Bailiff of Samopesh to begin the quest - Smoke on the Horizon. He will inform you about some smoke in the distance atop a hill that he wishes you to investigate. When you walk up to the Kolben estate to do the quest, you will learn of the Cuman(presumably bandits) attack on the estate that has set the property ablaze and left many dead, and a few wounded. Speaking with one of the guards at the farm gives you the quest, Easing the Pain.

Report back to the Bailiff in Samopesh to complete the quest.

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