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Mercenerys of King Sikismund of Hungery. They make core of his army do to their cheap recrutment coast. They onec live on planes above Kavkas  but was forced out from theri home by invaiding Tatar hords. Then they was allow to settel in Hungary  Player first acouter them in prolog when  they attak Silver scalic. And become random encounter ever sinc Cumans are excelent horsemans and bowmans and there fore use light armor. Cuman use variaty of wepon such as Hungery or Nicopolis saber, cuman bows, war hamers...  capteins whers full face helmet wich resembel human face and were more  advanc armor then his fallow mans.

Cumans Wepons Armor Food/drink    
Cuman Archer          
Cuman Soldger          

Cuman Camps

One of side activitis for captein Robart of Talberk  is to clear out Cumans camps located near Talberk Castel and town of Uzhic. As pruve Henry must bring helmet of capteins of each camps to captein Robart.

 Cuman Camps locations





Rougue pesents

Fight baset random acounters

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