Enemies in Kingdom Come: Deliverance are shown below.





Mercenerys of King Sikismund of Hungery. They make core of his army do to their cheap recrutment coast. They once live on planes above Kavkas  but was forced out from theri home by invading Tatar hordes. Then they was allow to settle in Hungary, the players first encounter with them in the prologue when they attack Silver scalic. And become random encounters ever since Cumans are excellent horseman and bowmans and therefore use light armor. Cuman use variety of weapon such as Hungery or Nicopolis saber, Cuman bows, Warhammers...  captains wear full face helmet which resemble human faces and wear more advanced armor than his Cuman comrades

Cumans Wepons Armor Food/drink    
Cuman Archer          
Cuman Soldier          
 Cuman Captain          

Cuman Camps

One of side activities for captain Robart of Talberk  is to clear out Cumans camps located near Talberk Castel and town of Uzhic. As proof Henry must bring helmet of captains of each camps to captain Robart.

 Cuman Camps locations






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