Cooking in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is explained below.


Player can cook some raw foods items (et. meat , fruit ...) to improve their  norishment  value or their durability. To cook item find camp fire or stove hover over it until cook item comand appear ( In case of camp fire hover over fire not pot) click and solect item wich you want cook. Player cant prepare dishs on its own but some dish like lentile supe or lentile porridge can be buy from innkeeprs alrady preparet

DLC From the ashes

This DLC bring tow new way how food item can be process. Its by somoking or drying.

Dry Food

To drying  food  player must build bakery shop in vilidge of Przybyslavic and upgrade it with Drying room. Then go to bakery shop enter drying  room hover over shels and dry item from your invebtory  Dry food has limitless durability  but unlike dry mashroom and fruit from basic game slef made dry food drain players energy(with one exeptin) so its not good to use  slef dry food in large amount in area without camp or bed

Smoking Food


Name Nourishment Health Energy Alcohol Durability Weight
Deer Kidneys 7 0 -6 0 1 0.4
Roe-Deer Kidneys 8 0 -6 0 1 0.4
Dried Meat 6 0 0.5 0 0.2

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