Cooking in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is explained below.


Players can cook some raw foods items (et. meat , fruit ...) to improve their  nourishment  value or their durability. To cook an item find a camp fire or stove, hover over it until the dialogue prompt says cook item ( In the case of a camp fire, hover over the fire not the pot) click and select an item which you want cook. Players can't prepare dishes on their own, but some dishes like lentil soup or lentil porridge can be bought from innkeepers already prepared.

DLC From the ashes

This DLC bring two new ways to process food items by either smoking or drying said items.

Dry Food

In order to dry food, a player must build a bakery shop in the village of Przybyslavic and upgrade it with a drying room. Then go to the bakery shop, enter the drying room, hover over the shelves and dry an item from your inventory.  Dry food has limitless durability, but unlike dry mushrooms and fruits from the base game self-made dry food will drain a players' energy(with one exception) so its not good to use self-dried food in large amounts, especially in areas without a camp or a bed.

Smoking Food


Name Nourishment Health Energy Alcohol Durability Weight
Deer Kidneys 7 0 -6 0 1 0.4
Roe-Deer Kidneys 8 0 -6 0 1 0.4
Dried Meat 6 0 0.5 0 0.2

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