Walkthrough for Kingdom Come: Deliverance is shown below.


The game begins in Skalitz inside your house.


Speak with your Father outside of the house in order to begin the quest Unexpected Visit. He will ask you to do several things in town including: collecting some money from Kunesh, getting some ale from Bianca and purchasing some Charcoal from a Trader here. You will also need to pick up the Sword Hilt from the castle here.

The hilt is easy, just talk to the guards not far from where you start, then head down the hill to speak with Kunesh. Kunesh has no money to give so you need to take some of his stuff to sell, and you'll have to beat him in a fist fight or intimidate him if you can to get him to do this. Grab the axe next to him and hammer and nails from his chest and sell them to buy the Charcoal from the Trader. Then head to the tavern and get ale from Bianca. You can choose to dung the side of Deutchs' house or not. 

You can get a tutorial in sword fighting if you speak with  Combat Master Vanyek and follow him to the Combat Arena. Once finished with all of the above, head back to Father. If you took too long to bring the ale you will have to go get more. Afterwards he will send you into the house to get nails for Theresa and then you will speak to him again to trigger a long cutscene.

After the cutscene you'll begin the Run! quest and will need to sprint down the hill as fast as you can and mount your Horse. Gallop all the way to Talmberg without stopping or you will be killed by enemies. Talmberg is the same direction you ran to your horse.


Speak with Sir Robard and then head to the kitchen to get some food. Pick it up and eat what you want then head for the bed in the nearby courtyard. Rest and then speak with Lady Stephanie when she enters during the night. 

When you wake up, head for the battlements. Speak with Sir Robard there and then keep watch after the cutscene. Wait until morning by passing time, and then head for the outer palisade battlement and watch the cutscene there. 

Speak with Sir Robard and try to convince him to let you leave, or sneak out of the castle or hop on Olena (your horse) and jump off the drawbridge and escape. If you are caught by Guards you can try to Persuade them to let you go or bribe them, else you'll have to try again. Head down the road towards Skalitz.

Skalitz (Homecoming)

You will begin the Homecoming quest automatically upon reaching Skalitz. Head towards the quest marker, defeating the Bandit and looting the corpses. The Bandit will drop the Seax hunting sword, which is great if you're an Agility-based character. Continue on towards the marker defeating Bandits as you go.

When you get to where you need to go, you will need to find a spade. The spade is located behind you on the left-hand side after you turn around. ?? has it and he is fending off a dog between a couple houses and you will hear barking when you get close.

Either Persuade him to give you the spade or beat him up and take it if he refuses. Then head up to the Linden tree near where your house is and dig a grave there. If you don't get the prompt, then try crouching. This will trigger some more cutscenese and then the quest Awakening will begin.

Find your way to the quest marker through the darkness and then you will wake up in Rattay Mill


Once in Rattay, make for the castle which is due south of where you find yourself when you wake (you can Fast Travel). Head inside and speak with Sir Radzig, he will begin the quest Train Hard, Fight Easy.

Head to Captain Bernard at the Upper Rattay Gate combat arena and train with him. Then follow him to the archery range. Sir Hans will challenge you to a contest, if you win he will challenge you to a sword fight. If you win this you will get his bow. Once finished speak to Baliff at the other end of town. If you cannot locate him, look for the stairs that go up in a sort of U pattern and head through the doors. If these doors are locked then you will need to find a bed to sleep in and wake up in the morning and then speak with him.

This will begin the Keeping the Peace quest. You can also ask him where to learn to read to get the Mightier Than the Sword quest. 

Go get your equipment from the Armoury if you want and then head to the church to meet Nightingale. If he's not there when you first arrive you'll need to wait until about 2pm or so for him to show up. Follow him around town and you'll have to settle a dispute between Beggar Jane and the Armoursmith. Jane will recognize you and scold you if you send her off.

Soon you'll find a guard missing from duty and you'll head over to the tavern to find him with Nightingale. Nightingale will chew his ass and then ask you to have a drink with him. You can play dice with him or pass. Then he'll ask you to ring the bell and close the tavern. The bell is all the way back where you found the Bailiff. When you return you will find Sir Hans here and you will have a fistfight,

This will begin the quest The Prey

Meet Hans Capone in the Upper Castle courtyard around 7am and follow him down the road to the camp. He will ask you to bring him wine and bacon and then you will have some dialogue. Once finished speaking, sleep or wait until morning. Then set out and shoot as many hares as you can before noon. There are arrows in the chest and a bow if you need one. Remember that you can pick up arrows if they miss, they are just hard to spot. You'll probably run out of arrows before noon, so wait to pass the time and then the camp marker will appear if you lost your way. 

Head to camp and wait for Hans, he'll want to head off again immediately. Follow him and watch the cutscene, then locate him in the northwestern most corner of the encircled area on the map. He is tied up and there are two guards. You can stealth take them down, fight them or just untie Hans and run. This concludes the quest.

The Hunt Begins starts now.

Speak with Captain Bernard in the courtyard outside and get your horse (you may need to speak with him twice). Mount up and ride out with the soldiers Neuhof. Watch cinematic once there and then question the locals. You will need to head outside and question the people there as well. After speaking with them you'll learn that the attackers ran off into the woods to the north. There is a smashed gate you can inspect, which is hard to miss (by the road) and if you find the trail in the woods (it's greyish) you'll find blood. Follow the blood and you'll find 2 bandits.

This will update the quest and you can either return to Neuhof or you can kill them and take their stuff. If you kill them you'll get a Bloody-Hoof Pick. When you head back to town you won't be able to find Ginger so you must ask people you've already spoken with about him. They'll tell you where to go. This concludes the quest and begins Ginger in a Pickle.

Ride south on your horse until you come to the Charcoal Burners camp. Speak with their Spokesman and he'll tell you Ginger's never been there. Head to the place he marked on your map next charcoal camp and they will send you to yet another one. Speak with the twin there and he'll ask you to kill some bandits for information. You can persuade him or kill the bandits, which are in the clearing in the center of the woods area at a camp. Speak to the twin again and he'll tell you where to find Ginger. If Ginger is not there when you first arrive, sleep or wait until morning and he will appear. Then ride or Fast Travel back to Captain Bernard and tell him what you found. Alternatively you can tell Sir Radiz as well. This will begin the quest: Mysterious Ways.

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