Bridles in Kingdom Come Deliverance can be equipped on your Horse. Below are a list you can get with their stats.





Reins attached?

Plain bridle +4 185.3 Yes
Groom's bridle +4 326.5 No
Cavalry bridle +5 505 Yes
 Knight's bridle +5 792.1 No
Noble's bridle +6 1236.5 Yes


Bridles are all identical in appearance, except for the Groom's bridle and Knight's bridle, which do not have reins attached. All stats aside from price and courage increase on bridles are identical.

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    • Anonymous

      26 Feb 2018 11:51  

      To answer the one anonymous guy that answered:
      I have never fallen of the horse cuz of the enemies, the only cases were when I hit a tree or something, but that was understandable. I agree with the previous comment, no need for courage.
      Does it do anything else? Like perhaps make the horse fight alongside me? No?... Didnt think so.

      • Anonymous

        23 Feb 2018 15:30  

        So bascially, the Bridle does not matter for***** might aswell keep the basic one you get when you first obtain Pebbles, i bought a bridle for 1k groshens, there was no different between it an the one you start with, i saved before buying it tho so no coins were lost.

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