New Player Help page for Kingdom Come Deliverance explaining the basics to help get you going and have a general understanding of the game's mechanics.

New Player Help

  1. The game evolves over the course of many hours and you will unlock new Perks and Skills over that time. If you missed explanations of how things work don't worry, they will be gone over in more detail at a later point.
  2. You are supposed to suck at sword-fighting, lockpicking etc early on and the game very much, so don't be disappointed if you are getting your butt kicked. You're supposed to.
  3. Combat gets better after the Prologue is over, so hang in there if you are finding it overwhelming.
  4. If you want to save your game, sleep in your bed or use a Saviour Schnapps. You will get some from Bianca early on in the game.
  5. Much of the beginning is scripted so just stumble your way through it as the game opens up much more later on.
  6. Crafting, Hunting, Riding, all aren't really available to you for several hours, so just follow along until you get to Rattay. Once you are there you can do a lot more.
  7. Remember to eat and rest when you need to, these are simple things that will go a long way to ensuring your survival.
  8. Don't leave your game AFK too long or you will starve to death unless you get the Contemplative perk.

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