Buffs and Debuffs in Kingdom Come Deliverance are covered on this page. There effects and how to get/treat them are listed below as well as information about them.

Buffs and Debuffs

Name Effects How to Get How to Get Rid of Notes
Against All Odds You're outnumbered and get a 20% bonus on Strength, Agility, warfare and defence. Against All Odds perk    
Alcoholic You're an alcoholic and look and behave like one. Your Strength, Agility, Vitality, Speech and Charisma are reduced by -3. The only cure is lengthy abstinence or Hair o' the Dog Potion Drink too much Timeout/Drink Hair o' the Dog Potion  There is currently a bug that may cause Alcoholic debuff to be permanent.
Alpha Male Your needs have been satisfied and it shows. You're feeling self-confident.Charisma +2. Use Bath House "services"  Wears off in roughly 48 hours.  
Animal at Heart You're nearby wild animals, which now notice you less.      
Art Connoisseur You've seen a new piece of art. You get a Charisma bonus for a while.  Art Connoisseur perk    
Bane Potion Effect You have cramps and pains, shortness of breath. You are slowly dying of poisoning.You gradually lose 110 Health points.   Use an antidote potion.  
Bard Potion Effect What comes into your head comes out your mouth. You have the patter of a market trader. Speech +5.      
Embrocation Your joints and muscles have stopped troubling you. Agility +5, Defence +5      

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