Reputation in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is covered on this page. Players will gain Reputation with various people and locales within the game, that affects the way NPCs interact with you. 


    • Anonymous

      11 Apr 2018 01:43  

      Reputation is useful in different ways. The better your reputation with a trader for instance will let you sell for better prices. A tip on how to improve your reputation with a trader is giving them a tip from the haggle process. make sure its more then 1 groschen and then repeat the process many times. your rep usually goes up with this individual 1-2 points each time you tip them. once you've improved it vastly, (say around 90+) your prices for selling items is basically doubled.

      • Anonymous

        06 Mar 2018 13:47  

        i dont know how many different pages i have been on that dont have anything written for them on this website. a huge let down for sure

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