Combat in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one of its most challenging and attractive features. The combat mechanics in the game are based on actual 15th century techniques and designed in cooperation with medieval martial arts experts to be as authentic as possible.

The controls are very similar to first-person shooters and, thanks to a few tricks, we have a large amount of different moves and combos.In addition, the whole thing is based on real-time physics and inverse kinematics, so when you hit something, your hands and weapon, not just your target, react accordingly, which is something unheard of in RPG games of this caliber.

As a result of the dedication to provide an "authentic" experience, fighting multiple enemies at the same time is very difficult (as you would expect it to be in reality). It is often a good idea to have allies at your side (and, at times, a lot of them). It is as they say, "even the sharpest of warriors find it difficult to fiend of attacks from behind."

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