Warhorse has released 6 DLC for the game. 


Treasure of the Past

From the Ashes


The Armorous Adventurer of Bold Sir Hans Capon

Band Of Bastards

A Woman’s Lot


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    • Anonymous

      Oh, and Treasures of the Past. That was the first DLC. For a bit on playstation, after its release, you could buy and download it, without pre-ordering.

      • Anonymous

        I should point out there was talk of a DLC where you play as a woman. Not sure if its true or not, but it might be cool.

        • Anonymous

          i think you did something wrong because i get a new quest called epilogue and thus starts the next portion

          • Anonymous

            The way the game ended with Henry and Hans setting off into some new part of the country, there must be an expansion of sort because why make the epilogue quest if this is the end and there would be need of a new game.

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