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Increased By Eating and Drinking

Nourishment is a Stat in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Your character needs to eat and drink. Each type of food and drink will fill you up to a greater or lesser extent meat and meat products a lot, fruit and drinks little. Overeating will negatively affect your stats. You also have to be careful what you eat - food spoils over time and can easily poison you. So for long trips it's better to take with you durable foods, while if you've got time to sit in a tavern, you can fill up with a freshly cooked meal.



Nourishment Notes & Information

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Nourishment Perks

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Agility  ♦  Charisma  ♦  Conspicuousness  ♦  Energy  ♦  Health  ♦  Noise  ♦  Speech  ♦  Speed  ♦  Stamina  ♦  Strength  ♦  Visibility  ♦  Vitality


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