Lullaby Potion


Makes user fall asleep in no time. Energy reduced to 0.

Lullaby Potion is a Potion in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Lullaby Potion Effects/Uses

  • Reduces Energy to 0, making drinker fall asleep.


How to Craft Lullaby Potion

Poppy 1x
Thistle 1x
Herb Paris 1x

  1. Drop the poppy in the cauldron and boil for one turn.
  2. Add the thistle and boil for one more turn.
  3. Leave to cool and then add the herb paris.



Notes and Tips



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    • Anonymous

      17 Mar 2018 05:41  

      For perfect brew in the shortest time:
      Add Oil
      Add Poppy
      4 pulls of the rope
      Add thistle when it stops bubbling
      2 pulls of the rope
      Add herb paris when it stops smoking

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