Next to Godliness

Start Location Rattay (Lower Castle)

12 Groschen

Bouquet for Klara

Next to Godliness is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In which I go to the baths to see Lord Capon, and what befalls us there.

Quest Log

I might have guessed - the bathhouse wine wasn't noble enough for His Lordship! So he sent me off in the middle of the night to get some better stuff.

I got a pitcher for the wine I have to get for Sir Hans

Satisfying the whims of His Lordship is no easy matter. I got wine for him in the middle of the night. Who Knows what he'll want next.

No rest for the wicked! Now the young Lord wanted me to pick flowers for Klara the bathmaid. Surprisingly, I managed it.

That wasn't the most pleasant awakening. Oh well, at least I found a soft, warm place to sleep. I didn't smell too good, admittedly, but that could easily fixed - one more day in the baths. But on my own this time! Sir Hans had probably had enough of the bathhouse for a while anyway.

Start Location

  • Talk to Lord Capon in the lower castle in Rattay. He will invite you to join him at the baths.

NPCs & Characters Involved

  • Jan Prácek (Lord Hans Capon)
  • Zdena the Bathmaid
  • Klara the Bathhouse Wench
  • Archibald (Or in Sir Hans calls him Arse'n'balls)



  1. Go in the evening (21:00) to join Lord Capon at the baths (Just outside Rattay).
  2. Ask if Lord Capon needs anything.
  3. Play dice with Zdena the bathmaid.
  4. Speak to Sir Hans.
  5. Ask Lord Capon what's bothering him now.
  6. (Optional A) Find the Sylvan Red in the Rathaus cellar. (Optional B) Get a Pitcher.
  7. Go back to the bathhouse with the wine for Sir Hans.
  8. (Optional) Get flowers for Klara the bathhouse wench.
  9. Defeat Archibald in a fist fight.
  10. See if Sir Hans is Alright.
  11. Choose between punish Archibald or to not punish him and show the people Sir Hans is the better man.
  12. Quest Completed.

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Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      24 Feb 2019 22:11  

      You can get St. George's Sword and a set of plate armor in a chest in a trunk with Sir Hans's belongings in it in the bathhouse.

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