Gallows Brothers

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Gallows Brothers is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. All my life I've been asking myself one thing: “Who to pin the blame on?"



Important NPCs and Characters



Gallows Brothers Objectives

  1. Put the empty bag by the barrels in the Tavern in the Glade.
    • Start: Now to hide it away in the tavern somewhere. I recall there were some barrels that would suit the purpose.
    • Completed: I've managed to sneak some proof of the hijacking into Andrews trunk.
  2. Go and take a look at the crossroad by the Inn in the Glade.
    • Start: Done. Now to wait a couple of days to see what Robard does about it.
  3. Go and take a look at the crossroad by the Inn in the Glade.
    • Start: Done. Now to wait a couple of days to see what Robard does about it.
  4. Go and take a look at the crossroad by the Inn in the Glade.
    • Start: Done. Now to wait a couple of days to see what Robard does about it.
  5. Get the money bag that's headed for the Talmberg quarry.
    • Start: Before I can pin the blame on anyone, I have to get my hands on some of the loot.
  6. Go and snitch to Robard.
    • Start: Now to pin it on someone else. But who? I agreed with Matthew about slighting Andrew, but come to think, why stop with him?
  7. Snitch to Sir Robard about the quarry robbery.
    • Start: Andrew thinks the whole quarry robbery idea is bullshit. Instead of helping the lads, he reckons I should report the plan to Captain Robard.
    • Completed: I told Captain Robard about the robbery. Fritz and Matthew have been a thorn in my side anyway, ever since their stupid dung-throwing caper!
  8. Go to the quarry and watch the robbery.
    • Start: Sir Robard sent his best men. I'll have to keep a weather eye on the situation from a safe distance. I just hope Fritz and Matthew really do call it off.
    • Failed: Incredible! Fritz and Matthew actually pulled off the quarry robbery, despite the coin being guarded by a whole squad of Talmberg's finest!
    • Completed: Fritz and Mathew are dead. Those fools attacked the whole armed escort! What in God's name were they thinking of?
  9. Tell Matthew about everything.
    • Start: Maybe instead of heeding Andrew, I should warn Matthew about his treacherous intentions.
    • Completed: I snitched on Andrew to Matthew, who wasn't very pleased.
  10. Go and see Andrew.
    • Start: I have to tell Andrew his plan worked out and the lads are dead.
    • Completed: Andrew says his door will always be open to me from now on, the damn scoundrel.



Gallows Brothers Walkthrough

You can have two options with this side quest and its up to you how you will play it with the outcome of this side quest may affect the outcome of some future side quests.



Tips & Tricks

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