Location Merhojed
Reward ?? + Plague Doctor (Achievement)
Previous Quest Questions and Answers
Next Quest ??

Pestilence is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The hamlet of Merhojed has been stricken by a mysterious scourge that first infected the animals and now the villagers. It starts automatically when you reach Merhojed during Questions and Answers main quest and after meeting one of the villagers. You learn about the pestilence. Henry must learn how to stop the plague and how to cure all the sick in Merhojed.



Important NPCs and Characters



Pestilence Objectives

  1. Find the right disgnosis and the recipe for the cure in the books.
    • Start: I promised to help Brother Nicodemus with the diagnosis.
    • Completed: I offered to help Brother Nicodemus with the diagnosis. After persisten, careful study of medicinal manuscripts, I discovered something. I told the monk my conclusions and he agreed with my diagnosis.
  2. Wait until Nicodemus finds the diagnosis of the ailment.
    • Start: Brother Nicodemus first has to find the right diagnosis. Meanwhile, I'll have to wait.
    • Completed: Unfortunately I wasn't able to help Brother Nicodemus with the task, so I have to wait until he's gone through the medical manuscripts.
  3. Give the cure to the sick.
    • Start: Brother Nicodemus asked me to help with distributing the medicine. I have to go to all the affected houses.
    • Completed: As soon as I arrived in Merhojed, we immediately began distributing the potion to the afflicted. Many of them seemed in better spirits at once, simply because they finally had hope of a cure. It was a bit early to draw conclusions, though. We'd have to wait and see.
  4. Talk to Brother Nicodemus.
    • Start: I should find Brother Nicodemus, who ought to be able to advise me about the pestilence.
    • Completed: Nicodemus was willing to help me find a cure for the Merhojed villagers, but first it was necessary to diagnose the ailment. Nicodemus hoped he'd find an answer somewhere in his huge scriptorium.
  5. Investigate the disease in Merhojed.
    • Start: If I'm to help, first I'll have to find out more about the ailment. It will be easy enough to find the sick villagers, because Melichar the village elder has marked their doors with limewash crosses.
    • Completed: To help the Merhojed villagers rid themselves of the pestilence, I first had to find out more about it, a risky task that I took upon myself. I went to the houses marked with white crosses and when ever possible talked to the afflicted to find out what the trouble was.
  6. Dig a grave.
    • Start: I promised the widow I'd help her by digging a grave for her dead husband.
    • Completed: I met a widow in one of the stricken houses, who asked me if I'd help her get her dead husband buried. So I took a spade and dug a grave for him under the linden tree behind the house.
  7. Take the body to the grave.
    • Start: I have to carry the dead man to the grave.
    • Completed: I gave the dead man a decent burial, although in unconsecrated ground. His soul will just have to wait a while in Purgatory until some priest has the courage to come to Merhojed and risk the pestilence.
  8. Have a word with Johanka at the monastery
    • Start: I must talk to Johanka. She ought to know how to help the folk in Merhojed.
    • Completed: I traveled to Sasau to ask Johanka's advice about the pestilence. She couldn't help, but she did point me to Brother Nicodemus, who gives physic to the sick and should be able to help with the Merhojed sickness.
  9. Cure the delirious man.
    • Completed: I managed to heal Daniel, the delirious man from Merhojed.
  10. Cure Straw's wife.
    • Start: I promised old Straw I'd heal his wife.
    • Failed: Straw's wife died. There was nothing I could do for her.
    • Completed: I managed to heal Straw's wife.
  11. Wait until Brother Nicodemus has prepared the remedy.
    • Start: Nicodemus found out what the ailment is. Now he has to prepare a remedy for it. That will take some time.
    • Completed: Once Nicodemus had found out what the ailment was, he needed some time to prepare a remedy for it.
  12. Prepare the remedy.
    • Start: I decided to prepare the remedy for the sick villagers myself. Meanwhile, Brother Nicodemus went on ahead to Merhojed to care for the sick.
    • Completed: I promised to prepare the remedy for the sick villagers myself, so Brother Nicodemus went on ahead to Merhojed. Once I'd gathered the necessary ingredients, I shut myself up in the alchemical laboratory and started working on the potion. Thankfully, my efforts were rewarded with success.
  13. Take the remedy to Merhojed.
    • Start: Now to take the remedy to the sick villagers in Merhojed.
  14. Take the remedy to Merhojed.
    • Completed: Nicodemus was already waiting for me in Merhojed, where he'd been caring for the sick. Fortunately the pestilence hadn't spread any further, although the infected weren't getting any better either. At least there were no new victims.
  15. Take the remedy to Merhojed.
    • Completed: Nicodemus was already waiting for me in Merhojed, where he'd been caring for the sick. Unfortunately, I'd come too late - Nicodemus told me all the infected had died.
  16. Wait until the situation clears up.
    • Start: I gave the remedy to the sick and Brother Nicodemus is looking after them. We'll have to wait a while to see whether it works.
    • Failed: The remedy failed. All the infected succumbed. Brother Nicodemus was devastated. He went back to the monastery.
    • Completed: Success! Brother Nicodemus and I breathed a sigh of relief when the potion worked.
  17. Ask local bailiff about the situation.
    • Start: Something terrible has happened in Merhojed. I have to find the Bailiff or his assistant and ask what's going on.
    • Completed: Once I arrived in Merhojed, I discovered something terrible had happened there. I talked to Melichar, who took charge of the village after Vassal Smil was killed, and found out the village was apparently stricken by the plague.
  18. Talk to Brother Nicodemus about the remedy.
    • Start: I have to ask Brother Nicodemus how it's going with the remedy for the Merhojed folk.
  19. Find out from Brother Nicodemus how things look in Merhojed.
    • Start: I should ask Brother Nicodemus what he thinks about the Merhojed tragedy and how the sick are doing.
  20. AUTOSAVE at quest start
  21. After talk with Johanka (Talk to Nicodemus).
  22. After getting the remedy, whether brewed by Henry or Nicodemus.
  23. Wait and see how the cure works.
    • Start: The fate of the Merhojed folk is in God's hands now. All I can do is wait and see if the remedy works or not.
  24. Talk to Melichar.
    • Start: I kept my promise and brought help, so Melichar should let me see the captive.


Pestilence Walkthrough


Speak with Melichar about the plague in Merhojed

Meet with Melichar right after learning about the problem with the pestilence and the attack on Merhojed. Don't try to force him to allow you to meet with the prisoner - he won't agree to it unless you help him with the plague. Melichar suggests you to speak with Johanka in Sasau Monastery.  Find the sick in Merhojed

Find the sick in Merhojed before you head to Johanka and take a closer look at symptoms of the disease. The houses of the sick people have white crosses on their doors but you can find them even faster by following the map below. Those people are:

Find the sick in Merhojed (Pestilence Quest Map 01)

Those people are:

  • Melichar's wife (point 1 on map) - You had a chance to learn about her state during the previous conversation with Melichar.

  • Vincent (point 2 on map) - Ask him every question. You can also receive a silver ringand a Will. These items are related to a small side quest called Last Will and Testament. The document needs to be delivered to Father Fabian in Sasau or you can find Vincent's son in the local inn. Deal with this quest after stopping the plague - you don't want to waste any time.

  • Straw's wife (point 3 on map) - Straw isn't in a good mood. Choose the dialog line related to persuasion to calm the man down. Choosing the intimidation option can initiate an unwanted fight with Straw (it can result in his death). His wife is sick. Examine her to learn about the woman's health.

  • Daniel (point 4 on map) - You can use persuasion to pretend to be his brother but this won't affect the examination process.

  • Bedrishka (point 5 on map) - You learn that the plague has killed her husband. You are asked to dig him a grave. You can agree to help the woman but this will cost you a little bit of time. Don't leave this optional objective for later because it will be canceled. You can also refuse to help her or you can ask her to share information about the disease first before you dig the grave.


Meet with Johanka in Sasau Monastery

You can go to Johanka right after talking with Melichar but this isn't recommended because you will have a very limited knowledge about the disease. It is better to meet with the sick first. Johanka tells you to meet with Brother Nicodemus.

Examine the disease and find its source

Nicodemus can be found either in the infirmary or in the room with an alchemy bench.

You have to be careful while you are talking with Brother Nicodemus because some of the dialog lines can have serious consequences and prevent you from healing everyone in the village:

  • Tell Nicodemus that only half of the village is sick (the second dialog option).

  • Tell Nicodemus that all animals are dead (the second dialog line).

  • Tell Nicodemus that you have identified the symptoms of the disease (the first dialog option). You can choose this line only if you have met and either examined or spoke with the sick in Merhojed.


Nicodemus asks Henry if he can read:

  • Henry can read - tell him that you can do that and that you are willing to help him in examining the disease. This is the only way to cure everyone in the village.

  • Henry can't read - Tell Nicodemus about the symptoms of the disease. The monk will need a lot of time to identify the disease and to prepare a cure. In the meantime, some of the villagers can die.


Pestilence Quest Screen A02aPestilence Quest Screen A02b  

After that you have to go back to Nicodemus. Tell him that poisoning from water is the source of the plague (second of the pictures above). Check out the book (first of the pictures above) if you have offered your help. Pick it up and read all of its pages.

 Note - Choosing the wrong option won't allow you to prepare a cure fast which means that some of the villagers will die.

Prepare the cure for the disease

Post-Diagnosis choice screenshot (Pestilence quest)After selecting the right diagnosis, you have to make another important choice (see the picture). You can:

  • Offer your help - This is the only way to cure everyone in the village.

  • Tell Nicodemus to prepare the cure - He will need a lot of time. In the meantime, some of the villagers will die.

 Note 1 - Get the required ingredients before you work on the cure. Valerian and Thistle can be bought from, e.g. Nicodemus but you have to get them BEFORE you go to Merhojed. Charcoal can be bought from, e.g. the blacksmith in Sasau.

Note 2 - Save the game (drink a Saviour Schnapps) before you start working on the potion. You won't fail the quest if you make a mistake. However, you will waste the ingredients.

 …...........................................................ALCHEMY STEPS:

Pestilence Quest Screen B05Pestilence Quest Screen B04Pestilence Quest Screen B03Pestilence Quest Screen B08Pestilence Quest Screen B07Pestilence Quest Screen B06Pestilence Quest Screen B09

  • Step 1 - Approach the alchemy bench. Check the book on the right and find Merhojed Remedy. The ingredients are: Water (base liquid - no item required), Valerian (1x), Thistle (2x), Charcoal (1x). Hold the interaction button to move all the herbs and charcoal from the inventory to the alchemy bench.
  •  Step 2 - Find water on the left. Pick it up and pour into the huge cauldron (water serves as a potion base).
  •  Step 3 - Find Thistle on the right and put it into the cauldron. Repeat this action by putting another Thistle into the cauldron - there should be 2 units of this herb.
  •  Step 4 - Star using the bellows (pull the string) to heat up the cauldron. Keep doing that until you notice bubbles on the water's surface.
  •  Step 5 - Find the sandglass on the right and rotate it. You have to use it to measure time. Wait for the sand to go down from the upper part into the bottom. Repeat this by rotating the sandglass again. Wait for the sand to go down again (2 times in total).
  • Step 6 - Find Valerian on the right and put it into the cauldron.
  • Step 7 - Use the bellows again until you notice bubbles on the water's surface. Interact with the sandglass and rotate it. Wait for the sand to go down into the bottom part (this time you have to do that only once).
  • Step 8 - Let the cauldron to cool down. The flames beneath it should disappear.
  • Step 9 - Find Charcoal on the right and put it into the cooled cauldron.
  • Step 10 - Find a bottle on the left and pick it up. Use it on the cauldron to pour its content into the bottle. The quest should update and you will receive Aid for Merhojed potion (provided that you didn't make any mistakes). Otherwise, you have to load the last save and try again.




Cure the sick in Merhojed

Go back to Merhojed and find Brother Nicodemus. He should be in Straw's house. Nicodemus was the one who prepared the cure - you learn who survived and who didn't make it. Henry was the one who prepared the cure - your objective is to heal everyone.

Cure the sick in Merhojed (Pestilence Quest Map 02)

The adjacent map shows people in need. They are:

Bedrishka (point 1 on the map)

Daniel (point 2 on the map)

Vincent (point 3 on the map)

In addition to that you have to go to the barn (point 4 on the map) and heal the bandit (this happens after resuming Questions and Answers main quest).



The ending of the quest

Go back to Merhojed after a few days because the cure needs time to work. Meet with Melichar and receive your reward. Also, saving everyone unlocks Plague Doctor achievement.  

Tips & Tricks

  • ??



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