Questions and Answers

Location Merhojed
Reward ??
Previous Quest Baptism of Fire
Next Quest All that Glisters

Questions and Answers is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. While we were battling in Pribyslavitz, another gang of bandits attacked Merhojed. However, the villagers not only held of the raiders, but even took one captive. Sir Radzig wants me to interrogate him.



Important NPCs and Characters



Questions and Answers Objectives

  1. Go to the hall of the Upper Castle.
  2. (Optional) Find out what happened to Matthias.
  3. Interrogate the captive in Merhojed.
  4. Take the captive to Rattay jail.
  5. Go and report to Sir Radzig at the lookout point by Talmberg.
  6. Misc



Questions and Answers Walkthrough

When you wake up from the place, just follow the waypoint to the upper side of the castle, Rattay. There you will trigger the cutscene. You can find out what happened to Matthias by travelling to Merhojed and talk to any of the villagers around the streets. They will give you an info as to where to find Matthias who is laying on the floor inside the stables. When you see him, go talk to him.

Your next stop is the bailiff (Melichar) who lives in the building just south of the stables. Talking to Melichar will unlock the side quest “Pestilence” which ties in with the main quest.  You may  do the quest. After delivering the cure you should go talk to Melichar again. You can do this near the end of Pestilence Side Quest, the waypoints of the side quest will guide you back to Melichar. Melichar will thank you after you delivered the correct cure in time and give you access to the captive who is inside the barn just across Melichar's house. Melichar will escort you there. With the cure you got, give it against water-poisoning to the captive and skip 6 hours  as he will get cured. Then you can interrogate him.

Be sure to interrogate captive and exhaust all dialogue possible options and ask him about the counterfeit coins. After the interrogation, an angry villager called Straw will come barging in and wants to kill the captive. Choose the dialogue “Let's talk about this” and “You don't want to be a murderer”. Since Straw has a low speech stat 0, you will always succeed with speech. Then, talk to the captive once again and tell him that you will take him to Rattay jail. Watch the travel sequence and after that, leave the jail to get an autosave point and new objective. Head back to Radzig as this will conclude the Questions and Answers quest and triggers another  main quest called “All That Glisters“. 


Tips & Tricks

  • ??
  • ??


A cutscene should play after speaking with Sir Radzig about the state of Merhojed. If this does not occur, your save is bugged. The following workaround worked for me, after trying many other workarounds. You must:

  • Play through the Pestilence questline until you discover the cause of the plague and brew a cure.
  • Go to Merhojed. Speak with the female Villager NPC wearing a blue dress and white head wrap, and bribe her to leave the barn containing the bandit unlocked.
  • Sneak into the barn, and ONLY administer the cure to the bandit, then wait 2 hours for it to take effect.
  • Sneak back into the barn, and exhaust all dialogue with the bandit. The player choice of how to deal with the villager who wants to kill the bandit does not matter.
  • Speak with Sir Radzig about the state of Merhojed. The cutscene should play, completing the Questions and Answers questline, allowing you to progress the main quest.



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