Poverty, Chastity and Obedience

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Next Quest Needle in a Haystack

Poverty, Chastity and Obedience is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I discovered that the only way to the monastery leads through a young nobleman, who is supposed to join the monks' ranks.



Important NPCs and Characters



Poverty, Chastity and Obedience Objectives

  1. Put away all your worldly goods and chattels.
  2. Put on the monk's habit.
  3. Get rid of the guardian so you can speak to Karl in private.
  4. Steal the writ from the guardian.
  5. Talk to the young man who's supposed to enter the monastery.
  6. Go with the writ to the monastery's porter.
  7. Play dice with Manfred.
  8. I spoke with Karl.
  9. Steal the guardian's purse.
  10. Learn how to read.
  11. Go with the writ to the monastery's porter.
  12. Enter the monastary as a novice.
  13. It's been long enough. There should be a new porter at the monastery by now.
  14. Tell Radzig what the bandits want you to do.
  15. Kill Pious.



Poverty, Chastity and Obedience Walkthrough

After you get  the monastery writ, you should go and report to Sir Radzig Kobyla. Then, you'll need to learn to read and write amd find a safe chest to deposit all of your stuff. If you don't, you'll have to throw everything in the monastery before putting on the habit. Then, when you try to get it back from the monastery, they'll be marked as stolen.

After you followed these steps, go to the monastery and talk to Brother Porter. He'll instruct you what to do next. When you put on your habit and the cutscene play, the quest will be over which will trigger the next quest "the Needle in a Haystack"



Tips & Tricks

  • The Novice Antonius is Pious.



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    • Anonymous

      19 Feb 2018 06:23  

      To anyone struggling to get admitted to the monastery you need the writ from old mate at the inn, if you lack speech or PP steal it m his chest while he sleeps. Next go see the monk he will tell you to rid yourself of possessions only have a sword on you when you come back put that in the chest but instead of putting the rest of your items here put them in a chest somewhere safe otherwise they will become a HOT item on completion next eter the monastery speak with everyone you need to SPOILER anotnious is pious next step is to be early to mass if no one is there except prior or porter sorry can't remember name knock him out steal keys then go and retrieve a weapon you left in the chest where they wanted you to go to then come back eat breakfast get poisoned then stab pious you should be in dorms after the poisoning ... this quest is bugged to hell this is the only way i s able to complete it save yourself 5 hours and do it this way sorry for rambled walkthrough but every other way to do his was ridiculous if you lacked certain skills

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