Money for Old Rope

Location Rattay
Reward ??
Previous Quest ??
Next Quest ??

Money for Old Rope is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. There's to be an execution in Rattay - without Hermann, the Rattay Executioner.



Important NPCs and Characters



Money for Old Rope Objectives

  1. Find out from the Bailiff what the reprobates have been convicted of.
  2. Find out the appropriate punishments from the Black Chronicle.
  3. Tell Hermann what you found out.
  4. Sabotage the executions by the Kuttenberg Executioner.
  5. Tell Hermann you succeeded.
  6. (Optional) Go and watch the executions.
  7. (Optional) Go to Hermann for your reward.



Money for Old Rope Walkthrough

You will need to keep in mind to start this quest, it is advised that to have a pickpocket and lockpicking stats at high level and a vial of Poison. Don't forget to save before in some points of the quest. 

Talk to the Bailiff and follow the marker on the map to find him and exhaust the dialogue options for each of the three criminals: Peter of Dauba, "Frost" Heralt, and Georg Weiss.

Once finished, Access the Black Chronicle to get information on the execution method. You will need to check out that book before you can proceed with the quest. However, the book is locked in an upper floor of the Rathaus with a very Hard locked door.

For those who does not have access to the room:
Pickpocket the key which can be found in an upper level of the Rathaus and who is sleeping most of the day. When you have the key, open the locked door to read the Black Chronicle by following the quest marker. Afterwards, head back to Executioner Hermann and report to him these answers. ("Peter of Dauba - His head is going to be chopped off.",  "Georg Weis - He is going to be hanged." and "Frost" Heralta - He's going to be tortured first.")

After talk with Hermann about the criminals, keep talking with him to come up with ways to sabotage each's execution. He will then give you a rotting rope and you need to have Poison as mentioned earlier and you will have to dull the Executioner's Sword.

Head to the Executioner's campsite which is northeast of Rattay and pull off the sabotage. Note that the camp is guarded by a lone nightwatch and guard dog all the time, which makes it hard if you don't have the enough stealth skills.

Pickpocket the Executioner to get his key but take the key by pickpocketing. Sneak away for a bit if the dog notices you. When you have the executioner's key, open the chest in the tent and take his sword. Now, you can dull it.

Once the sword is dulled, sneak back to the chest you found the sword and put it back in then sneak away.



Tips & Tricks

  • Buy lockpicks from Miller Peshek near Rattay.
  • .The executioner sleeping is semi-random,



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