Archery Contest

Location Rattay
Reward 30-210 G
Previous Quest None
Next Quest None

Archery Contest is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. 



Important NPCs and Characters


  • Archery Master


Archery Contest Rules

  1. Outer Ring: 1 point
  2. Middle Ring: 2 points
  3. Center: 3 points
  4. Whoever finishes shooting all of their arrows first gain an additional 3 points
  5. You may use any type of arrow
  6. Leaving or shooting at things other than the target results in disqualification

Archery Contest Walkthrough

During the day, go to the archery range in Rattay. This is the same range as the one you go to in the quest, Train Hard, Fight Easy. Talk to the Archery Master and select "Archery contest." and he will offer three levels of difficulty. 

Beginner/ 7 arrows/ 10 Groshen

Advanced/ 13 arrows/ 30 Groschen

Master/ 21 arrows/ 70 Groschen

You may also choose to hear the rules again. After choosing your level of difficulty, you will be given Tournament Arrows and placed in front of your target. The groschen wagered will be removed from your inventory. The master will gather other NPC characters to compete with you. After competing, you will either win three times the amount wagered or nothing. The other competitors will begin to walk away.



Tips & Tricks

  • Warm up on beginner level for low risk practice
  • If one or both of your opponents glitches out and do not compete, you can either walk away from the competition to end the contest prematurely (This is not advised as it will will cause you to lose your wager). However, if you wait an hour the archery master will proclaim that the contest is ending soon. and just wait a bit longer and you will receive your winnings.
  • NOTE: Participating in the contest does not give you exp.



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    • Anonymous

      25 Mar 2020 20:43  

      A couple other points: - You get 3 bonus points for finishing first, and - at least if you finish first you also win ties That means if you just shoot smoothly you can afford to miss up to 3 points and will still be unbeatable even by an opponent who shoots perfectly/

      • 18 Mar 2018 05:57  

        actually right now I have learned that if the other two archers aren't shooting, wait an hour, and if you do, the archery master will end the contest, or will say the contest will end soon. and then the winner will be you after he ends the contest.

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