All that Glisters

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Reward 175 groszy
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All that Glisters is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I found quite a pile of Groschen in the Pribyslavitz encampment, which Master Engineer Feyfar subsequently discovered to be fakes. Not only is that a capital crime against the Crown, but it's also proof that there's more going on around Rattay than meets the eye.



Important NPCs and Characters



All that Glisters Objectives

  1. Finding the forgers
  2. Chasing Ulrich
  3. Begining the investigation in Sasau
  4. Variant 1 - Copper investigation
  5. Variant 2 - The quicksilver investigation
  6. Meeting the engraver in Sasau
  7. Finding and questioning Rapota
  8. Reach the Skalitz mines
  9. Meeting Jezhek of Ronow



All that Glisters Walkthrough

Find the forgers by going to the northeast of Rovna and you will be able to see the attacked carriage with a few bodies around. Now follow the blood trail to that will lead you to the charcoal burners' camp. Talk to one of the burners to learn what happened at the crossroads by persuasion or other skills. Then go to the northern part of the camp and talk to Borya. You can persuade or bribe them and throw every question you can. Afterwards, the burners will hand you the Borya's key.

Go and meet the wounded prisoner and talk to him. Then a cut-scene of Ulrich will trigger, you will then have to get ready to chase Ulrich as he will escape away using the horse. To catch him, you need to tackle him with your own horse. When you successfully stopped him, you can then fight him. When you manage to put him down, you may choose whether or not to let him live or just kill him. Either way, you will take the Ulrich's documents and give it to Tobias Feyar.

Now you have reached the part for the investigation in Sasau. Find out who uses copper or find out where the counterfeiters get the quicksilver in Sasau. You may then choose which one would you like to do. Either Copper investigation or Quick silver investigation. You can only choose one because if you finish the copper investigation, you won't need to do the quick silver investigation. 

For Copper investigation. Talk to Armsman Otto, Blacksmith Mikesh and Blacksmith Zach. Find the supply of copper which is nearby blackmith's workplace and hidden a very hard lock. Open it and you can make Zach admit his guilt. when you find the copper, you will need to talk to the blackmith's son or the blacksmith himself for confrontation. To confront him, you will have to intimidate or impress him. When you pass, you will have the information you for the copper investigation.

For The quicksilver investigationTalk to Ulrich and he will tell you to speak to the fresco painter.  Then you have to meet the Overseer and he will tell you again to go and speak to Overseer's Hand and talk to him about the quicksilver by intimidation. When you pass, you will have the information you for the quick silver investigation.

After finishing your investigation (any of the two). Head to Sasau and talk to Tobias Feyfar. Afterwards, talk to local engraverJerome  and talk about Florian (apprentice). Go to the bath area and you will have to talk with the owner about Florian. After that, go to Florian's workplace. When you talk to him using unique dialogue, you will learn about Rapota or if you talk to Florian about Esther, you will know that she was kidnapped and you will have to do a sidequest before continuing with this quest. Side quest is called  the "Damsel in Distress".

The next part of the quest is finding Rapota. When you talk to Florian, he will tell you that Rapota is always following him. Find Rapota and talk to him but you will have to tackle him down with your horse then question him. Next is to go to the Skalitz mines: If Ulrich is still alive, now is the good chance you can ask him for help as this will automatically take you to the mine. Go to entrance of the mine and sneak at night to avoid being spotted from the small camp. Now, go through the main tunnel until you reach Jezhek of Ronow's room. This will trigger a cut-scene. The ending of the meeting with Jezhek will varies if Ulrich is with you as he will want to kill Jezhek and when that happens, use persuasion to talk him out of it or just kill Ulrich. But if Ulrich wasn't with you, you can just arrest Jezhek.

Now go back to Rattay and talk to Radzik  and he will tell you to question Jezhek so you will need to take the cell key from Master Bernard. Head to the town hall, inside will have the stairs to the dungeon and that's where you can find Jezhek for questioning. After the conversation, go back to Radzik and report to him. This will unlock a new main quest. You will be rewarded with 175 groszy.



Tips & Tricks

  • During Conversation with Ulrich. You will learn that he killed Menhart the merchant. You can ask him about the location of the grave to get the side quest called Menhart's Grave.
  • Damsel in Distress side quest. Only after you save the girl, you be able to do the quest.
  • It is adviced to find Rapota at 7am



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