On the Scent

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On the Scent is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. One of the members of the Neuhof gang, a fellow who goes by the moniker of Reeky, should be somewhere in the vicinity of Ledetchko. Unfortunately, that's about all I could find out so far. I expect it shouldn't be too hard to... well, catch scent of this Reeky, though I don't expect it will be a pleasant encounter.



Important NPCs and Characters

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  • Hynek



On the Scent Objectives

  1. Track down Reeky
  2. Track down Reeky
  3. Track down Reeky
  4. Misc



On the Scent Walkthrough

Track down Reeky. He's hiding in Ledetchko which is in North of Rattay Mill. Speak to anyone around the town, and they will give clue for Reeky's actual name is Hynek, the son of the local tanner. Head to the South of the river to the tannery and look for the Tanner. People say he's a bit of a grouch, so look fancy and intimidating. However, he will not say much about his son until you force him for the details. If you manage him to break, he will only tell you that his son comes and goes without a word to his whereabouts. Keep prying, and you willll learn that Reeky has a hideout that he uses to do poaching but no specific location and if u keep prying Hynek's father will eventually give up and tell you that he saw his son covered in thorns and mud which means he was hunting deep in the woods.

Head to the bathhouse and talk to Adela. If you can convince her you're looking for Hynek, she'll also tell you about his trips to the woods and give you some new information. You will learn that Hynek was paid for the Neuhof job, and hid the money behind his father's house. Adela will also tell you that Hyenek always brought firewood home from his trips, which means that he may have come from the woodcutters camp of the Northeast. Speak to the innkeeper as he has information about Reeky was likely hiding in a cave or mine shaft, as he needed candles and lamp oil to do his gutting work.

This is a cave/mineshaft near the woodcutters the bathhouse. The trip is up Northwest. Take the long road around to the Inn at the Glade. Be prepared to deal with bandits along the roads. Cross the stream where the fallen tree is, then head up to a boulder and go beyond down to a smaller stream where a tiny mill is in the water and look around until you see lots of rocks in a small canyon that leads to the mine entrance. Inside you should find Reeky dying from wounds inflicted by Runt's gang. Then, Reeky will tell you about Runt and his crew's camp somewhere which the only possible person to know about where it is, is Timmy. With one more person to track down, what you can do for Hynek is put him out of his misery and move for your next objective.



Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      23 Mar 2018 14:56  

      It seems that if you take too long to find him, the bandits will get to him and he will die. During my first playthrough I was quick enough, but then me and Reeky got attacked by 3 bandits. However on my second playthrough I found 2 bandits outside the inn in Ledetscho. I followed them to a camp outside the village and killed them. When I found Reeky I didn't get attacked by the bandits and instead I escorted him to Rattay prison.

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