Restless Spirit

Location Ledetchko
Reward ??
Previous Quest ??
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Restless Spirit is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The herb woman asked me to help Drahomira, the butcher woman from Ledetchko who is at her wits' end. She claims the ghost of her dead neighbour has been haunting her at night and she can't get a wink of sleep.



Important NPCs and Characters



Restless Spirit Objectives

  1. Collect 10 poppies.
  2. Talk to Drahomira.
  3. Pick flowers from the grave of the restless deceased.
  4. Drive the ghost out of Drahomira's cottage.
  5. Ask the Apothecary in Rattay about banishing ghosts.
  6. Take some charred wood from the burned-down farm.
  7. Find out from Father Godwin what to do about the ghost.
  8. Go to the quarry and arrange for a cross to be made.
  9. Begin the smudging ritual.
  10. Burn the herbs.
  11. Cast the spell over the grave.
  12. Get the book Necronomicon.
  13. Meet with the Apothecary at the crossroads.
  14. See Drahomira and find out if the spell worked.
  15. Find the grave of Alois's wife, Lada.
  16. Find out the following day if the smudging ritual worked.
  17. Get Drahomira to tell the truth.
  18. Find something that belonged to Alois.
  19. Find Alois's grave.
  20. Find out what's troubling the departed Alois' soul.
  21. Wait until the Apothecary has read the book.
  22. Go back to the Apothecary.
  23. Find Lada's grave.



Restless Spirit Walkthrough

Head to north of Ledetchko until the fork to look for the the herbalist who is around the westward up the hill. Approach and speak with the herbalist to ask for work, at this moment, She will give you an information about Drahomira who is the butcher's widow. The easiest way to collect the 10 poppies is to purchase them from the herbalist or you can collect the 10 poppies after meeting with Ledetchko later. For now, head back to Ledetchko and speak with Drahomira. She'll then tell you that you need to find Alois' grave which is in Sasau. 

Find the church in Sasau and look for the grave outside of it that has a big wooden cross covered with grasses. You will then see flowers. Take the flowers and go back to Ledetchko. Now as mentioned earlier, you can get the 10 poppies from Ledetchko at this point if you did not purchase them from the herbalist. Now, with the required ingredients completed for the incence, you can speak again to Drahomira to begin the ritual. Return in the morning again when the ritual is finished and talk to Drahomira. However, you would find the ritual didn't work as the ghost is still there.

Head back to Rattay and speak to the Apothecary Konyash to get information about the ghost. From there, he will tell you about the Necronomicon, which could be at the Sasau monastery. Then head to the monastery in Sasau to steal the Necronomicon. When you get there, it is advised that you wear the lightest clothing to not cause any trouble when you enter the monastery. You will have to lockpick hard locks to pass this part of the quest. In the southeast part of the monastery, you'll see an unlocked door if you go up the step. Go in and you will be treated as tresspassing. In this case, you can sneak out and the best time to come back again is during 1-2 a.m.. When the time comes, go back and continue through in the room and look for the table against the wall. You will then see a trunk, it has a key that you can pick that gives access to forbidden books. Go to the nearest door to the library and look for the cabinet. You will need to unlock it with the key you just found earlier, inside it is the Necronomicon once you got it head your way back to Rattay and meet Konyash the Apothecary and submit the Necronomicon then return to him after a few hours. By that time, Konyash will tell you to find the grave of Lada who is the wife of Alois. To know more information about the grave's location, you will need to go back in Ledetchko and speak to Drahomira. When you speak to her, you will learn that Alois was actually killed by the hands of his own wife and his body was found in the woods. To get more information, find Butcher and he will tell you where you can find the grave. But before doing so, go back to Rattay first and find  the Apothecary because he will tell you to meet him at the crossroads northeast of Ledetchko at night and go to Lada's grave.

When you get to the grave site, exhaust all Konyash's dialogue and wait until sunrise to check if the spell worked. However, you'll find out that spell didn't work again.  You will then be told  (by Drahomira) that you need to find a priest named Godwin (who is in Uzhitz) to find out exactly why the spell wasn't working again and again. When you meet Godwin, you will learn that it's been Drahomira's guilty conscience all along that's causing this mess and not some ghost. With that new information, go back to Drahomira, then she'll ask for the last objective that is to go to the quarry in Talmburg. Note that you will be required to have 10 Groschen to get the conciliatory cross made. Some players who can't find it may have to finish the siege mission first. Once you pay the 10 Groschen for the conciliatory cross. It will trigger a cut-scene which will conclude this long side quest.




Tips & Tricks

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      Go to Sasau, search the church and you'll find a tomb with a flower on it, it's a greenish, yellowish poppyflower badly drawn. Then search 10 red poppy flowers.

      Then i don't know as this game is soo badly done that i have no clue to wtf to do after.

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