Location Rattay
Reward 35 Groschen
Previous Quest ??
Next Quest ??

Aquarius is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The Rattay Bailiff has work to offer some of the Skalitz refugees - carrying water and emptying latrines. He wants me to find out which of them are most needy and suitable for the job.



Important NPCs and Characters



Aquarius Objectives

  1. Talk to the merchant Hagen
  2. Speak with Alex from Skalitz.
  3. Talk to the people who are interested in jobs.
  4. Theresa would like for you to find work for Antonia and Vincent.
  5. Antonia.
  6. Head back to the Bailiff and tell him who you chose.



Aquarius Walkthrough

Talk to the Bailiff and he will tell you about how he wants to employ Skatlitz refugees and also tell you to find out who deserve the job the most.He needs three water carriers, two latrine emptiers who will be paid double as it is a dirty work and a cook. After the conversation, Go and talk with Konrad Hagen, talk about hiring a cook. He will then tell you that he needs a cook who is a woman that can take care of the house when the he is away for business and can impress people with her food. If you talk water carriers, he would not like it and end the conversation. After that you can go and talk to Alex from skalitz. He will send the potential candidates to meet you in front of the Rathaus. Now, go and talk to Agnes. You can get information about a good cook and a housekeeper. And it turns out that she is the cook you've been looking for. (the talk with Agnes failed). So go to Sasau and speak with Father Francis to sort things out. He will explain why he's not coming back anymore and due to that he will tell you that Agnes is free to look for other jobs. Agnes will be in the church again and can be hired as a cook.

The next day, meet with the other candidates Pickman, Rock, Tonda the Winch, Kornelius, and Vincent. Antonia will also show up but you can't give her the job. Talk with each one of them 1 by 1. After talking to each one, go back to talk with Bailiff and you guys can decide who to hire for the jobs.You will be given 35 Groschen for your troubles when the quest is done correctly. Moreover, you can meet the hired carriers by finding them around town and collect your rewards 



Tips & Tricks

  • Completing this quest before doing The Queen of Sheba's Sword may cause you to be unable to complete said quest since Pickman's coöperation is needed.



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