The House of God

Location Talmberg
Reward ??
Previous Quest ??
Next Quest ??

The House of God is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. There's been an accident at the Sasau Monastery construction works due to bad quality stone. The Talmberg Quarry Master is worried the affair will damage his good name.



Important NPCs and Characters



The House of God Objectives

  1. Go to the monastery and ask about the accident.
  2. Just follow the game markers to complete this quest it's not hard.



The House of God Walkthrough

Head to Sasau Monastery and speak with Brother Porter and he'll direct you to the Overseer. Speak with the Overseer and then go see Master Karel. You can look around the site for clues. There is a bowl in the catacombs beneath the accident, which you can pick up. Then speak to Leshek and go find the skull. The skull is located out by the river, right at the water's edge underneath an embankment. You can't see it unless you are in the river.

Head into town and speak with the Gravedigger. He'll tell you it's a fake. Then head back to the Monastery and speak with Zmola. He'll ask you to meet him at night by the scaffolding. When you get there you'll nearly be killed and you'll need to climb the scaffolding. at the top, you'll have an unarmed fight vs. a mysterious person who will tell you everything you need to know.Then you can choose his fate. Then you can head to save Leshek, but you'll be too late. Ride to the Miller and you'll find Zmola standing over him outside. Zmola will attack you. Defeat him and then report to Sir Divish in Talmberg.


Alternative Route:

Instead of going to the meeting at the scaffold, you can go directly to Leshek(who is hiding at the mill) and get a confession from him.

Then go back to the monastery and confront Zmola. Zmola will attack you after that. Defeat and kill(?) him to solve the quest. Then report to Sir Divish in Talmberg.




Tips & Tricks

  • This quest is picked up by speaking to Sir Divish in Talmberg.
  • If you get arrested for killing Zmola, simply tell the guard you are on a secret mission and you'll be fine.
  • This quest can bug on PC causing an infinite save loop.



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    • Once again, I feel I should post this here as well. Some Spoilers below: The reward for the quest from Divish requires you to confront Zmola and either arrest or kill him. I took my time heading back to Talmberg to get the Quarrymaster's input on the stone. After I got back to the Monestary about 2-3 days later, was busy with a few other quests like Man of the Cloth, I find Zmola tells me that Leshek did all of it and he ran off to some other city. I went to the Mill to try to find him and I couldn't even find a body. This is amazing for this game to do for immersion and realism but as a player not getting the 2k from Divish at level 7 is a real hit. I learned right way why you don't accept quests willy-nilly.

      • Anonymous

        We had a totally different experience. After defeating guy on top of scaffolding we went to the Mill and Zmola was inside the mill standing on a raised area and we start dialog about “Is that Leshek?” And how he found him and he’s going to take him to the sawbones, and we say oh well let me look at him. Then he proceeds to fight and after killing him we go deeper into the upper level and Leshek is standing there alive! There is no option to interact with him though he’s just standing there. Tried killing him to see what would happen and he just gets bloody and takes it and never dies even when the “mercy kill” option comes up. You hit it and it goes through the stab animation but he’s still standing there.

        • Anonymous

          The guides are trash. They all clearly copy each other and thus none of them know how the Zmola bug works. He DOES NOT spawn on the upper levels at all. The bug is that (his victim) Leshek may spawn dead on upper level then disappear. Despite some claims there is no way to arrive in time to catch Zmola in the mill. Even with Sleipner straight from the tower as fast as possible Zmola will NOT be in the mill. The trick is to get there as fast as possible and follow the path to the right of the mill. Keep following it even out of the search zone. You should see Zmola hobbling along with Leshek on his back. Talk to Zmola, he will drop Leshek and start a swordfight with you.

          • Anonymous

            "The House of God Objectives
            1. Go to the monastery and ask about the accident.
            2. Just follow the game markers to complete this quest it's not hard."

            Is this a fucking joke? Who is monitoring this site? Why was something like this allowed to be submitted, much less allowed to remain there for fuck know's how long.

            • Go figure my kid hit enter and I said hello lol. I am trying to finish this quest.I am on PC and the quest updates and says catch up with Smola and stop him so I arrive at the quest marker I have searched the building I have searched the outside and find no traces of either of these 2 characters near the quest marker any advice or is this another bug in an overpriced game?

              • Anonymous

                It looks like it not actually that bugged. I reloaded, like 5 times and tried to chase to the mill as fast as I was able. On the last time I saw Zmola trying to go as far of mill as he could, carrying Lesheks body - he was a little bit out of field of seeking btw. So, what you need - after defiting guy at top of chrch try to go to mill as fast as you can - you may be able to catch Zmola

                • Anonymous

                  somehow after finish all posible dialog with overseer i can find him n the mill, i aldy do this twice and he appear twice only after i finish all the conversation with the overseer with if someone wanna know this is the order
                  1. ask about the stone
                  2. the skull
                  3.accuse zmola
                  someone pls confirm because zmola appear twice after i do this and won't appear if i don't do this

                  • Anonymous

                    On PS4, after finding out the skull is a fake, Leshek is nowhere to be found. Talking to Zmola, he says Leshek confessed and ran off. Quest then updates to return to Divish. This quest is rather bugged.

                    • Anonymous

                      PS4 has a glitch where zloma doesn’t interact or appear at the mill. Fix this by turning in the guy dropping bricks. Once you return to the mill, it ends the quest without a confrontation with zloma.

                      • Anonymous

                        This worked for me finally... When you fight the guy on the church, choose to turn him in. Then the monastery send guards to kill the sneaky weasel. Tryed it 3 times no bugs afterwards. Hope this helps

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