Location Talmberg
Reward ??

Skin is an Activity in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Brada the tanner wants animal hides. And he pays quite well for them.



Important NPCs and Characters



Skin Objectives

  1. Bring the hareskin to the currier.
  2. Bring the deerskin to the currier.
  3. Bring the boarskin to the currier.



Skin Walkthrough

Hunt whatever game is required in order to get their skins. 



Tips & Tricks

  • You'll need the  Tanner perk in order to retrieve them from animals you kill
  • Tanner Brada is located outside of the castle in Talmberg, in the bath house area
  •  You'll need to read the book The Joys of Gutting found at the Huntsman in Talmberg



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