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Reward ??
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Delicacies is an Activity in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Andrew the innkeeper buys game. Hunting isn't exactly legal, but that's why there's plenty of coin in it!



Important NPCs and Characters



Delicacies Objectives

  1. Find out what kind of meat Andrew wants.
  2. Bring hare meat to the innkeeper.
  3. Bring roe deer venison to the innkeeper.
  4. Bring boar meat to the innkeeper.



Delicacies Walkthrough

This is an optional simple activity where you will be hunting some meat from the woods. Head to the Inn in the glade and speak to Andrew , he would then ask you to bring him some meat. You can either hunt the meat or buy the meat from the trader shop.



Tips & Tricks

  • Pick this quest up from speaking with Andrew in The Glade.
  • This Activity is a great way to level Hunting and make coin. 




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