Chumps on the River

Location Ledetchko
Reward coin

Chumps on the River is an Activity in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I met an interesting fellow. He’s an archer by the Chumps on the River of Vatzek and he told me about this game. It’s called “Chumps” and is about hitting wooden blocks floating down the river.



Important NPCs and Characters



Chumps on the River Objectives

  1. Fire the most coloured arrows into the blocks.
  2. Talk to Vatzek.
  3. Talk to Vatzek at his home.
  4. Shoot with Vatzek again sometime.



Chumps on the River Walkthrough

Speak to Vatzek and ask about the game, then choose your bet. If you win, you will get three times more. Vatzek will give you 20 arrows to compete. You can use a light and fast bow as opposed to a more powerful one, as speed is of the essence. When the game begins, race to the river and start firing at the logs. The game will end when the logs reach the end of the river.





Tips & Tricks

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