Do Me a Favour - Punch Me!

Location Rattay (outside main gate)
Reward ??

Do Me a Favour - Punch Me! is an Activity in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. 



Important NPCs and Characters



Do Me a Favour - Punch Me! Objectives

  1. Defeat Stephen
  2. Defeat Ringlet
  3. Defeat Milan



Do Me a Favour - Punch Me! Walkthrough

Head to Ratay and speak to Milan. Then you will have to beat Ringlet and Stephen first before you can take on Milan. Beat all of them in a fist fight to win groschen.



Tips & Tricks

  • ??
  • ??




    • Anonymous

      20 Feb 2018 14:00  

      There are no rewards for the quest? Cz I won all fights but none payed me :P since Henry kept saying he wants to fight for money I thought I would've receaved some. To be honest I could've looted my opponents but I'm trying not to, I mean there must be a official reward right?

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