Location Rattay
Reward Groschen

Ruin is an Activity in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Bandits have settled in the vicinity of Rattay and are plundering the region. There's a generous bounty on their heads.



Important NPCs and Characters



Ruin Objectives

  1. Kill the camp leader and bring back their spurs as proof that they're dead.
  2. Bring back bandit ears to earn an extra 25 Groschen per ear.



Ruin Walkthrough

Captain Bernard will instruct you to kill a bandit leader and bring back any bandit ears you can as barbaric as it seems. After returning Bernard will give you a small sum of money and instruct you to go to another camp. After doing this three times he will instruct you to go to Talmberg and begin the quest, Raiders.



Tips & Tricks

  • This Activity is given by Captain Bernard after completing The Prey quest.
  • The bandit leader will always be in significantly heavier armor than the others.




    • Anonymous

      23 Apr 2018 17:22  

      Killed the leader at the neuhof camp, dissapeared before i could loot it. Went back, none of them dropped the quest item, waited 10 ingame days via jail 3x. still no loot i couldn't even add the q item by cheat. Is there a way to solve this questbraking bug.

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