Vitality is a Stat in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Vitality_icon.pngVitality Information

Description: ??

Maximum Level: ??

Effect: ??

Affected By: ??

    • Anonymous

      BigBadWolf-Vitality12 Jun 2016 21:03  

      Maximum level is 100 or more(i got 100)<br/><br/>Vitality affects your stamina(raises max stamina above 100%,2% per level)<br/>It can be raised by jumping(by 1 XP,so you have to get 200 jumps to raise 1 lvl above)and sprinting(%?)(The maximum cap of experience is always 200) so if you have level 50 or 70 or whatever you will still need to get just 200 XP points in Vitality to raise a level.Itself Vitality helps in sprinting more and gives you advantage in fighting(more stamina more action avaible)

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