Vitality Perks in Kingdom Come Deliverance are accessible by the player upon reaching certain levels of Vitality. You gain one Vitality Perk every 3 Level of Vitality. The table below lists what these are, what they do and what level you must reach in order to unlock them.

Vitality Perks

Vit Lvl 3‚Äč

Name Reqs Effect
Marathon Man Vit Lvl 3 You run slower, but keep it up for longer. Your sprint speed is 20% slower, but demands 20% less Stamina. Can't be combined with the Sprinter perk.
Sprinter Vit Lvl 3 You run faster, but also tire faster. Sprinting is 20% faster, but costs 20% more Stamina. Can't be combined with the Marathon Man perk.
Thickblooded Vit Lvl 3 You bleed slower.
Balanced Diet Vit Lvl 6 If you don't either overeat or go hungry for 5 consecutive days, you get a +1 bonus on Vitality and Agility.
Human Dustbin Vit Lvl 6 You can dispel hunger with anything. You won't suffer from eating poisoned or spoiled food, but neither will you have any positive effect from it. Does not apply to alcohol.
Berserk Vit Lvl 9 As soon as your Health falls to minimum, you go berserk and your Stamina regenerates four times faster.
Blood Rush Vit Lvl 9 After beating your first opponent, you get a 50% attack bonus and your Stamina will regenerate one quarter faster.
Last Gasp Vit Lvl 12 You'll survive an otherwise fatal blow and your Health will even regenerate by 30%. Only activated once in a combat.
Revenant Vit Lvl 12 Your Health will regenerate gradually.

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