Perk Frequency N/A
Increased By Clothing / Cleanliness

Charisma is a Stat in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Charisma is a measure of how you can impress people. Fast talk will get you only that far, fancy clothes and ornaments can give you that extra bit of stature you need. Its total is the average Charisma value of all the visible items of clothing you're wearing - underclothes don't count! It's also influenced by how clean, dirty or bloody your attire is, so it's worthwhile visiting the baths now and again or at least having a wash in a trough.



Charisma Notes & Information

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Charisma Perks

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List of items with high charisma value

Charisma Category Name Item ID
100 Ring Standard 69ff2530-2556-439f-a486-a073ee44fb61
20 Arms Pauldrons, Plate, Augsburg 4516652a-7e40-d46d-cdd7-62ea97c3bb83
20 BodyIII Brigandine, Warhorse 4bef1aa8-1d05-6ecc-7797-083fa321cf80
20 BodyIV Jupon, Combat, Quartered 4e1c3929-0e6d-e0c2-61e0-363f8e7ac289
20 BodyIV Jupon, Jacket, Brocade 4f4e5326-5e10-5a3e-bf80-e38e381c19a2
20 Feet Boots, Nobleman's 40692480-f24c-54fa-c938-50ccf45918b9
20 Hands Gauntlets, Warhorse 42c04555-15cb-ac3a-aef4-e377a125aca5
20 HeadIII Hat, Nobleman's 42663739-349d-8b14-a737-8cd056f7559e
20 LegsIII Chausses, Plate, Augsburg 48a827cd-c6ea-4976-9561-327a122326b7
20 LegsIII Chausses, Riveted, Bright 4347d1c1-1035-f342-4447-eae73bd785a7
20 Neck Chain Gold 0bf732db-ca19-4f0b-a56f-c83a79806d8f
20 Neck Chain Necklace b20baf24-2cc2-4a7d-91d8-f494c6575042
19 Arms Pauldrons, Warhorse 44f5058a-a445-887b-d443-32fe726b528c
19 Arms Plate, Milanese 422917fc-435a-f436-3245-a356367f8881
19 Arms Plate, Zoul 44d0c3fa-67f0-9c6f-8c87-b0fc7d8b87a6
19 BodyIV Jupon, Combat, Cuffed 42bb0602-e6bc-5edd-b91c-ebc319568bad
19 Feet Boots, Noble's, Dark 43241eed-522c-0369-97e9-ae414829a9ba
19 Hands Gauntlets, Leipa 41ad6890-dc2e-96d5-2ead-ba01ecf69799
19 HeadIII Helm, Bascinet, Leipa 42d47b43-637d-58da-5fed-2f71259cd093
19 LegsI Hose, Black, Decorated 486fb98b-9cbe-79dd-314a-ac379dfc96b3
19 LegsI Hose, Red and White, Decorated 490695a0-15ef-3a8e-7c1c-facfab40148a
19 LegsIII Chausses, Riveted, Decorated 40b60983-804f-22fc-8259-ab4a6820829b
18 Arms Pauldrons, Plate, Magdeburg 42ed6b9c-19c5-0b8c-5feb-bfe0d7001997
18 Arms Pauldrons, Plate, Meissen 47a86203-78c8-463a-6ce6-4b22754786ba
18 Arms Pauldrons, Plate, Saxon 44ee56de-46f9-0169-0d72-606c82576b97
18 BodyI Shirt, From Stephanie ff5ab403-62fa-41d2-9afd-7d6857f999c4
18 BodyIII Cuirass, Leipa 4e92a77b-f989-fa76-4147-4ed3cf5c0faf
18 BodyIII Cuirass, Zoul 4484294f-244c-3701-8ede-f7a0d10ffbb5
18 BodyIII Ota's Cuirass f86783e8-b406-44c9-b659-858f94ce2189
18 BodyIV Hood, Black and Yellow, Chequered 46a124e4-481c-5880-d187-573c1d8a57b9
18 BodyIV Hood, Red and Blue, Chequered 4bcb4913-408e-a9bc-ead2-b294248a5e90
18 BodyIV Jupon, Combat, Dark 48dafad3-3606-b7e8-d1dc-ebc1de6b99bd
18 Feet Boots, Riding, Decorated 47eea19c-bb27-891b-e2e4-47e76c601d94
18 Hands Gauntlets, Kuttenberg 4206570b-ab9b-a407-e693-29b90e475d81
18 HeadIII Chaperon, Pavel's 09d799a2-2253-4a46-89cc-142affcb1ede
18 HeadIII Helm, Warhorse 481cfd5b-b646-1c6b-ff58-af749941cf9e
18 LegsI Hose, Red and Blue, Nobleman's 4cf10c00-5150-b4c2-7c56-ee25a5cd6b82
18 LegsII Chausses, Mail 44135951-cf1c-f2fd-15f0-0f0ea223a584
18 LegsIII Chausses, Riveted, Gilded 4d56566c-5d57-9795-ca45-139668a75195
18 Neck Chain Necklace, Heraldic e1bf8852-92b3-4373-a1c7-c4726ada6e27
18 Ring Magpie's 074b95e2-c86d-4051-a15e-e23634dd4a17
18 Ring Signet 563778d3-b014-4a20-b8f6-00ae8a3cfc40
17 BodyI Pourpoint, Dyed 4d49d1bd-5a73-3659-5209-5a38acd4c0b6
17 BodyIII Cuirass, Decorated 40c05582-26f8-b1dc-f0ba-80e717a8869e
17 BodyIV Jupon, Combat, Blue 4373f01b-b49e-5a74-31f1-6302dcda5d8f
17 BodyIV Jupon, Combat, Brocade 45e28f40-6882-6a01-e281-25733f761f9f
17 Feet Slippers, Fashionable 4a444ba6-19ca-c4d4-114b-b922f88148b3
17 Hands Gauntlets, Nobleman's 46f0f01a-ec0e-82af-8947-fc15bcf1df82
17 Hands Gauntlets, Nobleman's 42683028-2e61-4360-9f71-0ac198ca33a7
17 HeadIII Hat, Fashionable 452c1f85-3219-c7fc-8d0c-de1d0b4d9885
17 LegsI Hose, Green, Nobleman's 4903be20-7d0c-ca13-5a9b-4ab2fd5a10bd
17 LegsI Hose, Light, Decorated 4314de6e-9f05-d843-18d8-2de11aa07798
17 LegsI Hose, Yellow and Green, Nobleman's 434525c9-f3b4-c1e5-9ab0-f1002b13a68d
17 LegsIII Chausses, Riveted, Decorated 44a86f03-1c17-1efb-966f-2202f6360c88
17 LegsIII Chausses, Riveted, Decorated 406d2498-5b1e-90dc-4beb-37a0a67ce5a4
17 LegsIII Chausses, Riveted, Decorated 49ca1a1b-be96-f994-be7f-2adaa73d37b8
16 Arms Pauldrons, Brigandine 45e0883f-b164-edce-8f8a-4df43039759d
16 Arms Pauldrons, Brigandine 49692af5-b44e-f166-b6cf-27bf9874bcac
16 BodyII Pourpoint, Brocade 4c98b6b4-9645-27f9-8b50-4bd4b63a09b4
16 BodyIII Brigandine, Aachen, Dyed 4cbcab6e-332c-535c-e8ed-860581ced9ad
16 BodyIII Brigandine, Aachen, Dyed 4eb0f0ad-008d-8b4c-4ca7-6626eb428481
16 BodyIII Brigandine, Aachen, Dyed 4e4f2711-dc79-d2da-1377-719d6525b6b5
16 BodyIII Brigandine, Aachen, Dyed 4f564b29-350f-df8b-dc0b-9f4bf1d75c9c
16 BodyIII Cuirass, Magdeburg 47b8a5a6-0912-c070-49b9-d126e8c55bbd
16 BodyIII Cuirass, Milanese 4ab8c97d-6977-4b6c-4d66-86b471549483
16 BodyIII Cuirass, Nuremberg 40edf98e-f577-4192-67cd-4f1776d14ea4
16 BodyIV Hood, Black and Yellow, Noble's 4c6a0d58-e6c2-0b9c-3c89-5765c289479c
16 BodyIV Hood, Green, Noble's 4af8b24b-892b-02cd-beb9-4873a70c86b5
16 BodyIV Hood, Red, Noble's 453044fc-b31c-e8df-76a1-6f4b701758b8
16 BodyIV Hood, Yellow, Noble's 4b92491f-060f-d00d-642c-c7b5f9807aaf
16 BodyIV Jupon, Combat, Decorated 48d88e9a-72b8-b605-0fe8-be6c62e5d58c
16 BodyIV Jupon, Combat, Yellow 43a7cb95-710e-b5f4-35be-43f1a281a692
16 Feet Slippers 4f4b2cdc-1690-4e32-bba8-00eff2f14f0c
16 Hands Gauntlets, Magdeburg 40cda4e4-8741-4f52-e43c-71fec6d81a96
16 HeadIII Chaperon, Black 48f4d62f-f2d7-c064-be4b-450aeea1f39a
16 HeadIII Chaperon, Blue 4e760438-c3b5-7acd-6329-55e19c4e8896
16 HeadIII Chaperon, Red 4498482d-a404-5646-16d0-f49eaac6d58e
16 HeadIII Chaperon, Yellow 42566810-49be-e92f-5181-705bdd2eb1ae
16 LegsI Hose, Red, Nobleman's 495fc236-eb42-596a-09a6-1c58eb51a384
16 LegsIII Chausses, Composite, Saxon 4405924b-de8b-e31b-72f1-29bb227ff1b1
16 LegsIII Chausses, Leipa 479b4760-f3b3-0d23-40f7-9a2f899676b0
16 Neck Chain Necklace, Gold 7bf71bcf-275a-4a01-ad3b-adb059b0bc80
16 Neck Chain Necklace, Mother's c9967810-a584-4d67-b5b0-f4e9118c5296
16 Ring Gold 63def33d-7353-4b22-a517-ef6caff3f4dc
15 Arms Pauldrons, Leipa 42857dcb-baff-8a29-fd59-b779b12589b1
15 Arms Pauldrons, Riveted 4a9c8bc3-759d-f9a4-87f8-77cd31481e9b
15 BodyI Pourpoint, Green Doublet 4962e864-5964-aecf-7a62-6e117b96ec99
15 BodyI Pourpoint, Leipa 46a58b43-9c1c-5f0e-32a7-5655b44470b9
15 BodyI Pourpoint, Red 49a80640-63aa-00ee-3699-3a4939f45283
15 BodyIII Brigandine, Aachen, Dark 4c9e2e36-d746-b6ca-fe1a-5405cd465895
15 BodyIII Brigandine, Aachen, Dark 418864f6-f9c0-ead7-dd4e-6f3aacb0288c
15 BodyIII Brigandine, Milanese, Bright 4222ca69-3a10-91c1-91ff-26f36122b8a2
15 BodyIII Brigandine, Milanese, Dyed 4964faf4-b122-9856-e3d4-7e026ce4a0a7
15 BodyIII Cuirass, Milanese, Shortened 49cbb237-9280-ba16-cfe4-3d05bacb85a3
15 BodyIV Jupon, Combat, Blue 4facd4ae-32a6-2a57-6ec2-cad139af6e82
15 BodyIV Waffenrock, Warhorse 4c828be7-10e9-d339-7492-cf73f5c5ba88
15 Hands Gauntlets, Aachen 403f6db2-1285-31da-81c6-db426db9d6a5
15 HeadIII Helm, Bascinet, Arching 421f173c-99b2-f030-cedd-0ba2a25270ac
15 HeadIII Helm, Bascinet, German, Decorated 498ca985-c074-886b-af88-aec5b12dc7ad
15 HeadIII Helm, Zoul 42d40a4b-b727-c518-26e1-541208b7e197
15 HeadIII Helm, Zoul 4f27f774-be02-ea89-51d6-ad7ac35587a2
15 LegsI Hose, Red, Nobleman's 4b67ffb3-2b21-81bd-768b-57f9cecffcaa
15 LegsII Chausses, Gambeson Warhorse 4572c66d-bdf2-fa90-def9-c6fd3e877ca9
15 LegsIII Chausses, Composite, Saxon 4396554c-2efb-6a68-f490-eee58844a7b5
15 LegsIII Chausses, Riveted 4c831cd1-9484-7eb7-8165-f441b38b439d
15 Ring Drahomira's ca92311e-6413-4c6b-b47a-963211f174e1


Agility  ♦  Conspicuousness  ♦  Energy  ♦  Health  ♦  Noise  ♦  Speech  ♦  Speed  ♦  Stamina  ♦  Strength  ♦  Visibility  ♦  Vitality


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    • Charisma [KCD Wiki]03 Jun 2019 21:15  

      You can use my spreadsheet which lists all items with their charisma value. Filter by category to fill every equipment slot with the highest charisma item. ... sp=sharing

      • Anonymous

        03 Jun 2019 06:07  

        June 2019, and still nobody's figured this stat out. Clearly, what the in-game instructions say is not the formula being used. Usually if the fan base hasn't figured it out by this point, then one of the game's designers provides the wiki with information like this. Could it be that the designers themselves aren't even sure how this stat is derived? I realize that there's a lot of code to dig through guys, but certainly you've got the ability to search for matches of names to see everywhere this stat is taking input from right?

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