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Increased By Health, Resting, Eating

Stamina is a Stat in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Your character's Stamina depletes every time you do something physically demanding, e.g. sprint or fight, and when it drops to zero, you can do neither. If you pause to catch your breath, though, Stamina will replenish itself automatically. Your immediate Stamina depends on your Health, Tiredness and Hunger and can also be depleted by such things as overeating, drunkenness and poisoning.



Stamina Notes & Information

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Stamina Perks

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Agility  ♦  Charisma  ♦  Conspicuousness  ♦  Energy  ♦  Health  ♦  Noise  ♦  Speech  ♦  Speed  ♦  Strength  ♦  Visibility  ♦  Vitality


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