Perk Type Vitality
Req Level 12

Revenant is a Vitality Perk in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Your Health will regenerate gradually, but not during combat



Revenant Notes & Information

  • While the Revenant perk supposedly only works outside of combat, it seems as though it will still take effect during Rattay Tourney duels. 
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Vitality Perks
Balanced Diet  ♦  Berserk  ♦  Blood Rush  ♦  Human Dustbin  ♦  Last Gasp  ♦  Marathon Man  ♦  Sprinter  ♦  Thickblooded


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    • Anonymous

      Says it does not heal you in combat, still does. Plz fix am magical knight too op arm gets cut off and grows back in minutes please help

      • Anonymous

        This perk seems to give about 2 hp/hour when passing time with the wait mechanic, or reading a book. I imagine that the real time regen is just about the same.
        While it's not as good as Last Gasp in a tough fight, I would still recommend this over any of the other Vitality perks. Went on a journey around the borders of the map, got into a few fights, at least twice with the wayfaring knight, that chivalrous bastard, never had to use any other source to heal up. By the end of it I was hauling some 600 units of loot on me, and relied on my horse to get me anywhere in a reasonable amount of time.

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