Main Level Perks in Kingdom Come Deliverance are accessible by the player upon leveling up your character's Main Level. The table below lists what these are, what they do and what level you must reach in order to unlock them.

Main Lvl Perks

Name Reqs Effect
Ascetic Lvl 2  You'll last 30% longer without food, but as soon as you get hungry, the effects will be 20% worse.
Manly Odour Lvl 2 When dirty, you'll have 50% more Charisma when talking to women. However, people will smell you a mile off, reducing your Stealth skill by 30%.
Night Rider Lvl 2 Your Stamina will regenerate 20% faster at night, but 10% slower during the day.
Scout I Lvl 2 Slightly increases the sight distance of Fast Travel and also the chances of Evading by 10%.
Wanderer Lvl 2 You grew up in impoverished conditions, so comfort of beds is inverted to you. The worse the bed, the better you sleep, and vice versa.
First Aid I Lvl 3 Enables you to use bandages.
Insomniac Lvl 4 Increases the time you can do without sleep. Your Energy Lvl falls one quarter more slowly.
Renegade Brand Lvl 4 Penalties on Stats following release from jail are 20% lower.
Burgher Lvl 6 In towns and villages and their immediate vicinity you have a +1 bonus on Strength, Agility, Vitality and Speech. Can't be combined with Savage perk.
First Aid II Lvl 6 Bandages are 25% more effective. You can also apply your healing skill in dialogues.
Savage Lvl 6 In the wilds you have a +1 bonus on StrengthAgilityVitality and Speech. Can't be combined with the Burgher perk.
Scout II Lvl 6 Increases the sight distance of Fast Travel and also the chances of Evading by another 10%.
Brute Lvl 8 You favour brute strength to a pleasant demeanour. You get a +2 Strength bonus, but a -1 penalty on  Charisma and Speech. Can't be combined with the perks Ken, Golden Tongue, Juggler or Cloak and Dagger.
Cloak and Dagger Lvl 8 You prefer to remain in the shadows. You have a +2 Stealth bonus at the cost of a -1 penalty to both Strength and Speech. Can't be combined with the perks Ken, Brute, Juggler or Golden Tongue.
Golden Tongue Lvl 8 You always favoured diplomacy over brute force. You get a +2 Speech bonus, but a -2 Strength loss. Can't be combined with the perks KenBruteJuggler or Cloak and Dagger.
Juggler Lvl 8 You've been exceptionally supple and agile since childhood. However, turning somersaults and falling on your head has left its mark. You have a +1 Agility bonus, but a -1 penalty on Speech and Charisma. Can't be combined with the perks KenBruteGolden Tongue, or Cloak and Dagger.
Ken Lvl 8 You're handsome and charismatic, but you haven't built up your Strength. Charisma +2, Strength -2. Can't be combined with the perks JugglerBruteGolden Tongue, or Cloak and Dagger.
Scholar Lvl 8 Your momentary Reading Level increased by 3. But your Strength and Warfare skills have each incurred a -1 penalty.
First Aid III Lvl 10 Bandages are 50% more effective. For a village boy, you are quite the sawbones. The perk opens the most advanced options in dialogues connected with healing.
Infamous Lvl 10 With a low Reputation in a given area, you also get a +1 bonus on StrengthAgilityVitality and Speech. But your Reputation rises much faster than usual and the penalties for serving jail time are less. Can't be combined with the Local Hero perk.
Local Hero Lvl 10 If your Reputation is high in an area, you get a +1 bonus on StrengthAgilityVitality and Speech there. At the same time, though, your Reputation falls much faster than usual and the penalties for jail time last longer. Can't be combined with the Infamous perk.
Scout III Lvl 10 Greatly increases the sight distance of Fast Travel and also increases the chances of Evading by another 10%.
Contemplative Lvl 12 As long as you remain still, your tiredness and hunger will stay at the same Level.

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    • Anonymous

      08 Mar 2019 21:14  

      So wait if my math is right you can actually get every perk in the main level perk list. Level cap is 30 and you get a perk every other level so that's 15 perk points. There's 23 perks here. You can only pick one of: Burgher or savage, 5 of the level eight perks, and one of Infamous or Local Hero. And someone mentioned you get thew first First aid perk for free. So that's 23-1-4-1-1 which equals 16 pick-able main level perks. So you'd only really not be able to pick one of the Main level perks and that's even if you wanted all but one of them?

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