Perk Frequency 3,5,8,10,13,15,18,20
Increased By Sneaking

Stealth is a Skill in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Stealth skill shortens the distance at which you will be seen by the enemy and increases the time it will take them to spot you. It is improved by moving stealthily in the vicinity of the enemy. 


Stealth Notes & Information

  • You can obtain all of this skills in this tree, so you should prioritize the ones you think would be the most useful at the start.
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Stealth Perks



Alchemy  ♦  Axe  ♦  Bow  ♦  Defence  ♦  Drinking  ♦  Herbalism  ♦  Horsemanship  ♦  Hunting  ♦  Lockpicking  ♦  Mace  ♦  Maintenance  ♦  Pickpocketing  ♦  Reading  ♦  Sword  ♦  Unarmed  ♦  Warfare


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