Perk Frequency 3,5,7,9,12,14,16,18,20
Increased By Reading Books

Reading is a Skill in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Reading skill influences the ability of your character to actually read books. Without its any book is just gibberish to him. Higher Reading skill decreases the amount of time required to read and comprehend a book.


Reading Notes & Information

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Reading Perks



Alchemy  ♦  Axe  ♦  Bow  ♦  Defence  ♦  Drinking  ♦  Herbalism  ♦  Horsemanship  ♦  Hunting  ♦  Lockpicking  ♦  Mace  ♦  Maintenance  ♦  Pickpocketing  ♦  Stealth  ♦  Sword  ♦  Unarmed  ♦  Warfare


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    • Anonymous

      06 Mar 2018 04:25  

      um when you sit on a chair or bed.. or even while your standing select the book you want to read .. then the wait screen will pop up. you will notice by the energy and nourishment meter that a new meter that tracks how much of the book you "comprehend" pops up. When that hits 100% you have finished the book. The book should remain in your inventory. I recommend selling it to recover some of your losses on buying it.
      if the book is disappearing.. well that should be a bug..

      • Anonymous

        23 Feb 2018 15:48  

        I just read a skillbook, and it magically dissapered...what? did Henry eat the damn thing?
        sure, i understand their reason for it, otherwise you could just buy/loot/steal a valuable book then sell it once you're done with it, but come on! the book just dissaperes!? for a game that's suppose to be super realistic, that is a new level of un-realism! even The Elder Scrolls don't take away the book, you read em, you learn something, you put em back in your inventory.
        Honestly with a thing like this, Who would even read books that are worth over 500 or even 1k coins? god damn no one! they would sell those gold mines!
        i srly hope they will give us the tools soon so there can be a mod (a stable mod...) that does Not make your books combust like a secret agent's mission note.

        • Anonymous

          15 Feb 2018 01:38  

          "the amount of time required to read and comprehend a book." What exactly do they mean by that? Does keeping a book open in front of the character give xp over time?

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