It grows in clearings and in leafy woods.

Belladonna is a Crafting Material in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Belladonna Uses



Where to Find Belladonna

You can find Belladonna in nearly all woods, but you have to know where to look. It grows in clearings and at the centre the woods among violets flower that are just part of the ambience ( most of them not pickable). To spot the Belladonna you have to look closely at every violet plant you see :

If it is Belladonna, it has 4-5 stems very close to each other near the ground, less at the top. Try to orient your cam to the plant's base until the name of the plant is showing. If you find one, there are good chances you find 5-8 around.  

  • It grows in clearings and in leafy woods.
  • Sold by Traders and Herbalists

Notes and Tips

  • Belladonna is easy to mistake for ambient shrubbery. One has to develop an eye for it in order to find it easier.
  • The plant has four to five stems originating from one point, contrarily to ambient shrubbery.
  • The mesh and textures of Belladonna are more detailed than ambient shrubbery.
  • Players should keep the plant they find, considering its use and its rarity.



Crafting Materials
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    • Anonymous

      29 Feb 2020 00:56  

      There are several south of Skalitz and west of Rovna near the road. Make a right angle with those two fast travel markers where you’re the corner.

      • Anonymous

        19 Apr 2019 01:47  

        west of Rovna, after you pass the second stream and before you get to the rocks there is a meadow with lots of sage - I found 260 belladonna there today, though I had a mod form the Nexus that makes herbs more visible

        • Anonymous

          17 May 2018 18:36  

          The area where you do the "A bird in the hand" quest hunting the Nightingales has a tonne of Belladona. And by a tonne I mean dozens of plants. I came out with just over 100 and I didn't even intend to. Plus the grass coverage is minimal making them insanely easy to spot. Once you're satisfied with your haul rest and come back when they've regrown.

          • Anonymous

            05 Mar 2018 17:24  

            The comment in the picture used is well kinda dumb.Where it says "it is best not to seek it at all." When this plant will save you a ton of coin.

            • Anonymous

              26 Feb 2018 20:59  

              Directly west of the Rattay mill, across the river. Look for an interesting site (a small ruin) in the forest between the road and the river. Fairly spaced out, but also greatly exposed.

              • Anonymous

                23 Feb 2018 23:25  

                North of Neuhof.

                There are a lot of them here. spaced out, but a lot of them.

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