Witch Potion


The user will lose control of himself and will even sell his soul to the Devil. His hallucinations, delusions and anxiety will be more intense.

Witch Potion is a Potion in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Witch Potion Effects/Uses

  • Makes the imbiber insane?
  • Beware of using it, lest you lose control over your body and soul


How to Craft Witch Potion

Marigold 1x
Belladonna 1x
Herb Paris 1x

  1. Boil the herb paris for one turn.
  2. Grind the marigold.
  3. Add the marigold to the cauldron and boil for one more turn.
  4. Grind the belladonna.
  5. Add the belladonna to the cauldron, but do not boil any more.



Notes and Tips

  • Recipe can be found in the trunk of the herb woman north of Talmberg
  • Probably can be used during the quest "Playing with the Devil"



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    • Anonymous

      10 Jul 2018 11:28  

      if you try to poison someone with it, nothing happens. and when you take it during "playing with the devil" befor during and after, and constantly nothing happens and it has absolutely no effect. i have not yet found anyone who comments on this potion

      • Anonymous

        14 Mar 2018 09:55  

        Does anyone know a location where to find witch potion? So far I haven't been able to use alchemy benches without getting shot into the air :D

        • Anonymous

          20 Feb 2018 22:43  

          If you drink it not much will happen, you see colors differently and that's it. I didn't try to poison someone with it tho

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