Agility Perks in Kingdom Come Deliverance are accessible by the player upon reaching certain levels of Agility. The table below lists what these are, what they do and what level you must reach in order to unlock them. You get a perk point every Fourth level.

Agility Perks

Name Reqs Effect
Dodger Train with Captain Bernard Let's you jump aside during combat.
Featherweight  Agi LvL 4 Falling will cause you 30% less injury.
Fast Striker Agi LvL 8 Your attacks will demand 30% less Stamina, but will also cause 20% less injury. Applies only to weapons that are based on Agility.
Light Armour Agi LvL 8 If you're not wearing plate armour, it will be 50% easier for you to dodge strikes in combat.
Perfect Throw Agi LvL 12 You have a better chance of throwing winning dice.
Taunt Agi LvL 12 A successful evasion during combat will lower your opponent's morale.

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