Location Random
Related Quests None
Vendor No
Killable Yes

Riddler is an NPC in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. 

While travelling through the kingdom you may bump into a person who is wearing brownish hoody along the road. He will not attack you but simply ask if you want to solve a riddle. If you agree, it'll be a wager, where if you solve the riddle he will double your bet (Bet 5, get 10) However if you're wrong you'll lose your coin.

The Riddles

  1. In the feast hall on the table are ten candles. Suddenly, a gust of wind throws open the window and blows out two candles. A little later, another candle goes out. The Servant therefore closes the hall window. Now the wind cannot blow out any more. So how many candles can the servant find to relight the following morning in the hall?
  2. A man's coin pouch where it doubles the amount of coins put in each day. When it has sixty coins, it's full. How many days has it taken for the pouch to be full?
  3. A man encounters 3 people. One is Falshood who always lies, Truth who always tells the truth, and Wisdom who says the truth only sometimes. The man asks which one is standing in the middle to all three. The one of the left replies "Truth." The one in the middle replies "Wisdom." Finally, the one of the right replies "Falsehood." You muster answer the order of all three.
  4. A bishop gave a nobleman a harsh sentence. He must pray every day, and each session of prayer must be two hours long. How many hours a week does he pray at minimum?
  5. (lost count, this is the last one) There were fifteen Monopods, one-legged people. There were twelve Acephalics, healdess people. There were ten Pygmies, one-cubit tall dwarfs, and also twenty Panottids, beings with lots of ears. How many foreign creatures are on the boat?


The Answers

  1. (While the wind blows out three, seven burn down completely overnight. So the next day only those three can be rekindled!) *The answer could change but it will be the amount of candles blown out*

  2. Fifty-Nine. answer may vary depending on number of coins to fill the pouch
  3. Wisdom, Falsehood, Truth
  4. Eight.
  5. (out of order, this is the last question). One (the only foreigner on the boat was the priest himself)



  •  Holy Trinity die
  • Lucky playing die
  • Strip Die



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