Decorated Sabre

Min Agility 12
stab_damage_icon-kcd 42
slash_damage_icon-kcd 58
blunt_damage_icon-kcd 2
Def 69
Charisma 10
Durability 65
Weight 3.3
Price 506.3

Decorated Sabre is one of the Sabers in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


Unlike other swords, which are designed to be as well-balanced as possible, the sabre carries the greatest weight at its tip. This makes it a formidable weapon, but much harder to handle. Its curved shape also makes it less suited to stabbing.


Where to Find Decorated Sabre

  • Can be looted from the body of Menhart in his grave, the location of which is revealed by the knight Ulrich

Notes and Tips

  • It is a unique weapon
  • ??




    • Anonymous

      23 Mar 2018 14:49  

      Don't kill Knihght Ulrich in All That Glitters quest! He will tell you the location of a grave. This grave has the Decorated Sabre. GREAT weapon!

      • Anonymous

        23 Mar 2018 14:40  

        After defeating Knight Ulrich in All That Glitters quest, his journal will tell you the location of a grave you can rob. (North of the crossroads behind a destroyed cottage) This grave will have the Decorated Sabre.

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