The Crime System in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is explained on this page. The game, being an open-world sandbox adventure, offers players near complete freedom on how they want to progress in this game. Just as in the real world, there is the proper way of doing something and then there is the "criminal" way.

The Crime System in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is designed to provide players with that choice. While the open-world element allows players to steal or kill, the Crime System will provide the consequences for such (mis)conduct that the player must factor into their decision-making process.

Crime System Information

  • If any NPCs bear witness to your crime, they may run away afraid, or try to go report you to the authorities.
  • The player can prevent this by being sneaky, or taking out any witnesses before they reach the relevant authorities.
  • If reported, the authorities will then hunt you down to impose a fine on you or imprison you (depending on the severity of the crime).
  • Crimes affect the player's Reputation. The exact

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