The Queen of Sheba's Sword

Location Sasau
Reward Option to buy Queen of Sheba´s sword for 2.1k Groschen
Previous Quest None
Next Quest None

The Queen of Sheba's Sword is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The Sasau swordsmith told me some pilgrim wandering the area said he had come from Jerusalem and had been selling fragments he claimed came from the sacred sword of the Queen of Sheba. The swordsmith would like to get his hands on those fragments and he offered me a handsome reward for helping him to achieve that.



Important NPCs and Characters

  • Swordsmith - Sasau



The Queen of Sheba's Sword Objectives

  1. Collect together the five pieces of the Queen of Sheba's sword and bring them to the swordsmith in Sasau.
  2. Wait until the smith has the sword forged.
  3. Go and take a look at the Queen of Sheba's sword made whole again.



The Queen of Sheba's Sword Walkthrough

  • One piece from the Ledetchko blacksmith for ~200 Groschen.
  • One piece from the Rattay swordsmith. The easiest way to get this one is to have a high lockpick skill, but if you don't then go up the stairs outside at night. Inside the window there will either be the shop guard sleeping there or an open bed. If the guard is there fail to pickpocket him and get in a fist fight, then sit on the bed throught the window. Now sneak to the swordsmith and either knock him out or pickpocket the trunk key from him. Open trunk and you have the sword piece.
  • One piece from Zach the blacksmith in Sasau. Zach's forge is next to the monastary. Either pickpocket the piece off of him or follow him on his way home and knock him out in a location where you wont be seen.
  • One piece is in the Talmberg blacksmith's house in the second room to the left on a barrel.
  • One piece is rewarded for getting Pickman a job in Rattay. Pickman has to be chosen as water carrier for you to be rewarded. Talk to the Rattay baliff to start the Aquarius quest to get Skalitz refugees jobs.
  • A sixth piece can be found in the lower floor backroom of the [north] rattay blacksmith's house. This piece can be used to replace pickmans piece if missed.

Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      The Queen of Sheba’s Sword [KCD Wiki]30 Jul 2018 14:51  

      There is a sixth piece in Rattay at the blacksmith house at the upper Castle in case you didnt het Pickmans pirce

      • Anonymous

        31 Mar 2018 11:55  
        1. Smith in Sasau
        2. Smith in Talmberg
        3. Smith in Ledetschko
        4. Weapon-Smith in Rattay
        5. Rattay in the smith house in an shelf.
        6. Pickel in Rattay

        • Anonymous

          The Queen of Sheba’s Sword [KCD Wiki]27 Feb 2018 23:04  

          I cannot find the piece in the Talmberg Blacksmith's house i go to the rooms in his house but nothing is there not even the barrel it is supposed to be on.

          • Anonymous

            20 Feb 2018 16:14  

            I have assigned Pickman to pick water, and asked for treasure reward, but when i speak with him, when quest is finished there's no reward option

            • Anonymous

              19 Feb 2018 19:50  

              Talmberg Blacksmith is a bit northwest of the town. Where the quarry is.

              So I searched in the loot of pickman himself, the only chest in the entire refugee camp and EVERY refugee sleeping there... nothing. Game starts to annoy me for***** like that. I mean I found all the other pieces myself, which absolutely felt like winning the lottery and now I can't finish it because I didn't choose a random dialogue option in a quest that has nothing - NOTHING - to do with it? This game doesn't compare to the witcher. Not. even. close.

              • Anonymous

                17 Feb 2018 09:10  

                ^ i've assigned him as water carrying, but he also has no piece with him and gives nothing as reward, i didn't ask anyone "what will i get if i'll give you a job" before if it matters

                • Anonymous

                  17 Feb 2018 04:56  

                  Unfortunately I have assigned Pickman to collect the dump, and he has no piece with him after trying to pickpocket, I hope they'll add it to his inventory it's kind of a bug.

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