Perk Type Horsemanship
Req Level 4

Racehorse is a Horsemanship Perk in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Your horse is faster, but can carries less weight. Can't be combined with the Heavy Duty Pony perk.



Racehorse Notes & Information

  • The penalty to carry weight is 20%. The bonus to speed is roughly 15.
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  • Upon taking the Perk the base horse (Pebbles) increased speed stat from 27 to 42, and lowered capacity from 172 to 138. This was at level 4 Horsemanship with the same gear the horse was received with. The exact formula is unknown, but change is drastic and should be considered before taking this perk as it can cause severe encumbrance if your horse inventory is near maximum capacity. [Edit this line at will as more accurate information is found]





Horsemanship Perks
Dread Steed  ♦  Heavy Pony Duty  ♦  Jockey  ♦  Knight  ♦  Rider on the Storm  ♦  Strong Thighs  ♦  Warhorse


    • Anonymous

      19 Feb 2018 07:17  

      wow thanks a lot for letting us know that it doesn't affect the saddlebags (which I did not even know increased the max weight capacity up until now) I just wonder how much more is the weight increase with a single saddle bag? sry couldn't select the reply option for some reason.

      • Anonymous

        19 Feb 2018 05:21  

        Note that the capacity penalty does not apply to saddle bags. As such, this is likely the better of the two perk options as you get a massive speed boost for only a tiny loss of capacity.

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