Padfoot Potion


Improves your hearing and lightens your step. Lockpicking, Pickpocketing and Stealth are increased by 5 for ten minutes.

Padfoot Potion is a Potion in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Padfoot Potion Effects/Uses


How to Craft Padfoot Potion

Valerian 1x
Eyebright 1x
Chamomile 1x
Cobweb 1x

  1. Drop the cobweb and eyebright in the cauldron.
  2. Boil the mixture for three turns.
  3. Grind the valerian.
  4. Add the valerian to the cauldron and boil for one turn.
  5. Leave the cauldron to cool.
  6. Grind the chamomile.
  7. Add the chamomile to the cauldron, but do not boil.
  8. Distil.



Notes and Tips

  • The in-game recipe omits the last step (distil) though it is still required.



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    • Anonymous

      26 Jul 2018 08:36  

      First of all thank you this potion just led me able to make one of my biggest steals of all time it gave me the Abilty to rob the ragtag sword smith and armor which I have been buying and selling from since the beginning of the game and so I was able to steal about 60k worth of stuff and about 40k coin

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