Nurembergian Cuirass

Min Str 0
stab_defence_icon-kcd 25
slash_defence_icon-kcd 25
blunt_defence_icon-kcd 10
Vis./Conspic. 60/70
Noise 97
Charisma 16
Durability 80
Weight 4

Nurembergian Cuirass is a Body Plate in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.



This is a back-and-front cuirass, a type of plate armour that protects the torso against attacks to the chest as well as the back. This cuirass is also equipped with a lance rest.



Where to Find Nurembergian Cuirass

  • Sold by Ancient Map III

Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      18 Mar 2018 10:00  

      Misinformation description: not in "Ancient Map III". In the grave on the opposite end of the stone fence next to the pond north of Uzhitz (middle of three).

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