Metal-Plated Battle Axe

Min Str 14
stab_damage_icon-kcd 3
slash_damage_icon-kcd 40
blunt_damage_icon-kcd 45
Def 43
Charisma 17
Durability 65
Weight 7

Metal-Plated Battle Axe is one of the Axes in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


A battleaxe of the highest quality. The blade will endure many blows and cut through even strong plate armour, and the handle will take even the most powerful blows of enraged foes. Demands respect in all circumstances.


Where to Find Metal-Plated Battle Axe

  • Sold by the Swordsmith in Rattay and Sasau
  • Dropped by high level bandits
  • Looted from ??

Notes and Tips

  • Being the most powerful single-handed weapon in terms of combined damage value, Metal-Plated Battle Axe can make short work of most opponents saving those fully plate-armored ones.
  • ??



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