Marigold Decoction


Within one minute will cure light wounds or dispel hangover effects.

Marigold Decoction is a Potion in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Marigold Decoction Effects/Uses

  • Cures light wounds
  • Dispels hangover effects


How to Craft Marigold Decoction

Nettle 1x
Marigold 2x

  1. Drop the nettle in the water and cook for one turn.
  2. Leave to cool.
  3. Drop in the marigold, but don't boil it any more.



Notes and Tips

  • As with all potions, a turn implies one blow of the bellows, making this a fast and easy potion to prepare if grinding alchemy XP. If you want to speed your process up, you can activate the bellows, and then immediately put 2x marigold in the dish for easy transferment when the nettle has cooled.
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    • Anonymous

      08 Apr 2018 20:57  

      For Marigold decoction, if trying to level alchemy dont bother boiling, you can complete the potion by using water, one nettle and 2 marigold then fill flask, the potion will complete without boiling steps.

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